Wondering what to cook for Mother’s Day this year? Surprise mum with a homemade meal to remember. Use our Mother’s Day Menu ideas for some inspiration! From breakfast in bed to high tea before lunch, or even an evening banquet – treat your mum to a home cooked meal at any time of day this Mother’s Day.

Explore all our Mother’s Day menu ideas below.


English Breakfast with Toast

This one really depends on whether your mum is an early riser or not. The last thing you want to do is go storming round with croissants and muesli if all she wants from her Mother’s Day morning is an extra bit of shut eye. But if she’s a morning type with a good appetite, what better way than to surprise her with a homemade hearty breakfast? Try any of the following to go the extra mile this Mother’s Day.

  • Pancakes – from French to American, Scottish to German, get inspired with our choice of pancakes from around the globe.
  • Full English – a classic Mother’s Day breakfast. Go the whole hog with sausage, egg, tomato, beans, fried bread, bacon, and mushrooms.
  • Smoothie – a creative and healthy Mother’s Day breakfast , surprise her with a breakfast smoothie combining all her favourite fruits.


The magical time between breakfast and lunch, Mother’s Day brunch is perfect if your mum is partial to a lie in on a Sunday morning. Not only do you get the benefit of a few extra hours in bed, but you can also play around with flavours too daring to serve at breakfast if you really want to surprise her. Check out our Mother’s Day brunch ideas below, and why not make it a touch more special with a glass of Champagne?

  • Toast Cups – an inventive Mother’s Day brunch idea. Use a muffin tray as a base for your bread before adding a streak of bacon, cracking in an egg, sprinkling with cheese and popping in the oven.
  • French toast – a classic when it comes to brunch, dip bread in whisked egg and fry. Swap out normal bread for brioche or sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon for a sweet twist.
  • Muffins, Crumpets and Scones – treat your mum to high tea with a Mother’s Day brunch fit for a queen. Include jam, marmalade and butter for spreading. As far as Mother’s Day brunch ideas go, we think this is the crème-de-la-crème!


The beauty of lunch is that it’s so versatile. You can go hot or cold, light or filling. From salads and sandwiches to pasta bakes and rice dishes, you can put in as much or as little effort as is required to create the perfect Mother’s Day lunch. Use our Mother’s Day lunch ideas below as a source of inspiration.

  • Salad – a go-to easy Mother’s Day lunch. Throw together prawns, bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado and dress with a little olive oil and lemon juice for a salad with a kick.
  • Sandwiches – show your mother she raised a true sandwich artisan, and craft her a sub or sandwich she won’t forget by including something you’ve never used before. Pesto? Grapes? Paté?
  • Pasta Bake – Go big with a one-dish pot she can go back for seconds with. Combine pasta with chicken, chorizo and tomato sauce and simply pop in the oven. A very tasty, but easy, Mother’s Day lunch idea!


If you haven’t had time to prepare something for breakfast, brunch or lunch, then let dinner be your time to shine. Go all out and prepare a meal for mum and the rest of the family so she can put her feet up. Just make sure you’ve got the dishes covered too!

  • Roast – there’s often no substitute. Discover the perfect roast recipe
  • Stew – Hearty, healthy, and enough to feed the family for dinner with leftovers too – simply throw meat, veg and stock in a slow cooker for perfect results.
  • Ready Meals with a difference – looking for an easy Mother’s Day dinner? Try out our range of Deliciously Easy Meals for something quick, easy and just as impressive if you’re low on time.


Fancy whipping up some Mother’s Day sweet treats? Try out our Mother’s Day dessert ideas we’ve suggested below! Whether you want to add to the dishes you've already prepared or if baking is more your go-to, why not finish Mother’s Day on a high with a dessert she’ll enjoy? 

  • Apple Crumble – a classic Sunday staple, why not try our quick and easy Apple Crumble recipe?
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding – put in a little extra effort with some Mother’s Day baking and show off with your very own home made Sticky Toffee Pudding.
  • Fruit Salad – if she’s had a particularly indulgent day and is looking for something more refreshing, fruit salad is the answer.


Make this Mothering Sunday one to remember by using our Mother’s Day menu ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether it’s her favourite breakfast in bed, a Mother’s Day brunch or an unforgettable dinner for all the family, treat her this Mother’s Day to the feast she deserves.

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