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What's Your SPARsona?

We all have different ways of doing things and in many cases, there’s no right or wrong answer – just actions that make each of us unique. At SPAR, we believe that we should celebrate these differences and the light-hearted character traits that make us who we are! Some people eat pizza with a knife and fork, some like to fold it and others simply like to let the slice droop down – but which one are you?

Enter our SPARsonas – nine personalities that each have a different way of approaching their dinner. From flopping and folding, to twizzling and slurping, we all know someone with one of these “unique” eating habits – and maybe you can see yourself in one of these too… 

Find your SPARsona

The Saucerer

The Saucerer just can’t enjoy their dinner without lathering it in tomato sauce or mayo. Whether it’s a plate of chips, pasta, veg or even salad, a little bit of sauce goes a long way for this friend. Every Saucerer has their weapon of choice, and we salute them!

The Speedster

Always hungry or just super speedy, the Speedster doesn’t even pause for a breath. You’ve barely made a dent in your dinner before their plate is empty and they’re going in for more. There’s no time to savour the flavour – time is of the essence for these guys.

The Balancer

Like taking risks? Digging into dinner in front of the TV? That’s the Balancer. They’ve got the act down to a tee and regularly enjoy their grub from the comfort of the sofa. No fuss, no drama, just their favourite TV show and a bowl of their favourite food.

The Slurper

Soups, noodles, spaghetti… The Slurper takes no prisoners. In some cultures it’s considered polite, but we all know to cover our ears when they pick up their knife and fork. And a napkin definitely always comes in handy when these guys are around.

The Folder

When it comes to pizzas, there can only be two types of SPARsonas. And who needs a knife and fork when you can make a pizza into a mini calzone? The Folder is a bit of a maverick, getting their mitts on a slice before flexing and devouring it in just a few bites – they certainly don’t play around when it comes to dinnertime.


The Flopper

All in one? That’s the Flopper. It’s gymnastics for the mouth. Their success is measured on how little topping they lose. Whether it’s pepperoni, margarita or a fully loaded BBQ chicken and bacon, these guys are all in when it comes to digging into a slice of pizza. They aren’t fussed about mess – they’re just here to eat.

The Twizzler

The spaghetti and noodle expert. The Twizzler looks like they’ve spent a year studying the art in Italy and it truly is impressive. They twizzle, they twirl, they look good while doing it, and they’ve definitely tried to teach the Slurper a lesson or two.

The Spiller

Next up, we have the Spiller. No matter how hard they try, they always end up with a smudge of their dinner over their shirt. They avoid too much sauce, don’t wear white and cover themselves in napkins, but in the end, the washing machine is the only thing that can save them.

The Sharer

Whether it’s for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even TikTok, the Sharer spends a lot of time taking a “quick” snap (or five) of their grub before they dig in. They just can’t resist the urge of the social media post – meaning you’re sat waiting while they get the angles right, play with the lighting and apply the perfect filter.

Can you see yourself in one of these personalities? Or perhaps a friend or family member immediately sprung to mind as you read the descriptions? Share your SPARsonas with us on Instagram or Facebook and help us celebrate our foodie differences! And make sure you sign up to our E-newsletter, to stay up to date with our latest deals, recipes and any more upcoming competitions…