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To those of you in the know, this award is probably one you keep an eye on annually. For those of you who may be new to the FMCG industry, or perhaps, just not aware of it previously – The Grocer's Top New Talent is the showcase of some of the finest rising talent in the industry. Split across a variety of roles, the applicants are not in short supply, however, only 32 can be chosen!

In an ever-evolving industry, it’s these individuals that really shine. Not only standing for progression, but also owning it. That is why it is with great privilege that we can announce that one of our very own FMCG unicorns has made it onto the list.


Name: Catherine Fendt

Age: 22

Job Title: Marketing Executive 

How long have you been working for SPAR?

Nearly 18 months, I started back in August 2016 (how time flies!).

So how does it feel to make The Grocer's Top New Talent list?

Feels great! It was a real surprise so I feel flattered and grateful to be recognised as part of this list

What do you feel has been your career highlight thus far?

There’s been a few but I’d say when Shop & Win launched this summer. We were working on it right up to the day before so when it finally went live and we could see people playing and interacting with something that had previously just been designs and discussions, it was really cool! Also seeing the selfies come in every day as part of the competition really brightened up my mornings

What does an average day at SPAR look like?

It really depends on how you define “average”, no two days are ever the same. There’s never a shortage of work and the combined team effort always makes each day a new adventure. From campaign ideation, through to execution – it’s a great collaborative environment. There is one underlying common theme… Tea.

Where do you see retail in the next five years?

The amount of data around and what people share means retail will be tailored to your preferences whether you’ve consciously shared them or not. There’s a lot of unknown but also a lot of opportunity to get to know customers much better and provide what they’re really asking for by offering the best service yet. I think there’s also so much opportunity now that wasn’t necessarily available in previous years where huge companies monopolised the market. People are already looking for something different the norm which I think will continue and strengthen in the years to come

As the industry metamorphosizes to match the current retail climate, positivity, dedication to brand progression and an innate ability to remain innovative is key. This is where Catherine excels, bringing her marketing expertise to the table and utilising not only her personal viewpoints but also those backed up with stats that deliver serious clout. Like her peers, the other rising stars of FMCG, she is a living, breathing incarnation of this new paradigm shift.

What’s more, all companies nominated or not, embrace the award as a testament to the exciting times ahead. We can safely say, that all of us at SPAR are extremely proud of Catherine’s achievements and look forward to celebrating with her on November 13th when she collects her award.