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It might seem crazy, but once upon a time, the only way you’d go on holiday was if you went with Mum and Dad. Oh, and your annoying little brother or sister, squashed into the family car for hours on end. Sorry, was this supposed to be fun?!

But wait! It wasn’t all bad. In fact, looking back, some parts of 90s' vacations were pretty great. So check out our top 5 moments of 90s summer holidays that we actually do miss.

Are We Nearly There Yet?

1. Are We Nearly There Yet?!

Oh boy. The long car journeys where Dad would, of course, know a “shortcut”, and get angry at Mum’s bad directions. You’d absolutely fight with your brother or sister in the back seat. But there would also be raucous family singing to your favourite songs (which you’d know every single word to), silly games and loads of laughter.

Jelly Sandals

2. Holiday Fashion

No holiday in the 90s was complete without your jelly shoes, hypercolour t-shirt (because who doesn’t want a shirt which shows off your warm armpits?) and compressed towel tablet. Oh, and you’d have to get a hair braid. Obviously?

Dodgy Picnics

3. Dodgy Picnics

Convenient cafes and restaurants were not a thing in the 90s. So, every day trip was accompanied by a homemade picnic, packaged up by Mum.

The sandwiches were always a little squished, you’d never get your favourite flavour of crisps, and Mum’s steaming flask would make everyone a bit sticky (obviously the windows couldn’t be opened because of the apocalyptic rain outside), but family picnics were always way more fun than any cafe could ever be.

At least these days, you can stock up on genuinely tasty picnic treats from SPAR.

Summer Romance

4. Summer Lovin’

Whether it was a family friend’s son, or the girl at the pool, your holiday wasn’t complete unless you had an awkward crush, executed with none of the skill and charm you now possess as an adult. (Err… sorry, were we supposed to have skill and charm now?)

5. Picture Postcards

What was the point on going on holiday if you couldn’t let everyone know?

At least one afternoon would be completely spent writing postcards to your friends, and you’d take photos with a disposable camera (with film and everything), so you’d have to wait till you got home to even see what they looked like.

No selfies here, thanks!

On second thoughts, maybe jelly shoes can stay in the 90s! Why not make some new memories of your vacation this year with SPAR and check out these awesome deals available now.