We know how much you want to make your Halloween party the best there’s ever been. That’s why we’ve put together a simple checklist, so you can tick off as you go and make sure your spooky snacks, demonic decorations, creepy costumes and bloodcurdling beverages are top notch.

1. Halloween Food

Selection of Halloween Themed Party Snacks

Although Halloween is an excuse to gorge on sweets and treats, you can always make some hot snacks that are a bit more filling, and packed with flavour. Check out our Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas for all the inspiration you need for ghoulish grub that is guaranteed to keep your guests coming back for more, from bleeding hot dog fingers to spooky veggie dippers.

For dessert, why not bake a Halloween-themed cake?

2. Halloween Drinks

Green Halloween Punch

There’s fun to be had when it comes to preparing your Halloween party beverages. If your party is for guests over the age of 18, you can get creative with gummy worm vodka jellies, as well as concocting some creepy cocktails in your cauldron.

Cocktail ideas:

  1. Black Magic Margaritas – tequila, triple sec, lime juice, red, blue and green food colouring
  2. Jekyll & Gin Glowers – gin, lemon juice, grenadine, tonic water, glow sticks
  3. Sweet Poison – light rum, coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice

For the younger guests, you can mix fruit juices or Robinson’s squash together with food colouring to make a ghostly punch. You could even embrace Australian tradition and create ‘Spider Shakes’, coca cola and ice cream anyone?

3. Halloween Sweets

Halloween Treats and Sweets

You never know how many trick or treaters are going to ring the doorbell, so it’s always good to be prepared! All you need is a Trick or Sweet bag, or a Sweet Champions Halloween Mix placed near the door, so when the neighbourhood trick or treaters arrive, you’ve got plenty to give them. It also saves you having to say “trick”!

Make sure you incorporate Halloween sweets into your party food too. People love grazing on the nibbles at parties, and Lots of Lollies bags, horrifying Haribo Scaremix and bumper bags never go amiss.

4. Halloween Tableware

Halloween Themed Tableware

To complete your spread, why not decorate your table with a terrifying tablecloth?

Don’t stop there – why not grab some Halloween-themed cups for your ghostly punch and creepy cocktails? Picking up a pack of paper plates is also a good idea, simply chuck them away after the party has ended so there’s no washing up to do.

5. Halloween Decorations

Spooky Halloween Decorations

Orange and black balloons, glow-in-the-dark hanging skeletons, fake cobwebs with plastic spiders and hanging bats are easy to put up and are great for turning your home into a haunted crypt.

You could even get creative and cut some bin liners into streamers, then pin them to your door frames as a cheap and easy take on door curtains. Carve a pumpkin and place a lit tea light in it to use as your centrepiece, then choose a Halloween playlist to create a mysterious ambience.

6. Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Are A Must

It’s no good throwing a Halloween party without gruesome Halloween costumes to complete the look. You don’t have to go all out – simple accessories will do.

Don’t forget – dousing yourself in fake blood also turns any outfit into a Halloween costume!

You could have a fancy dress competition for your party, and reward the winner with something sweet – a bag of goodies or even a bottle of bubbly.

7. Halloween Games

Bobbing for Apples

Last but not least – Halloween games.

We’ve come up with easy games that you can play without having to break the bank for props:

  1. Wrap the Mummy – split into 2 teams with one roll of toilet tissue per team. Nominate a Mummy per team, then start a stopwatch and get the rest of the team to wrap their Mummy as quickly as possible in 60 seconds. The team whose Mummy is covered in the most toilet tissue wins.
  2. Apple Bobbing – in teams, take it in turns to run the length of the room to where two bowls full of water and apples are placed. Each time someone has a go, they have one try at getting an apple out with their mouths, and placing it out of the bowl. The first team to empty their apple bowl wins.
  3. Headstone Hunt – before the party, cut out some paper headstones using plain paper and scissors, colour them in as you see fit and hide them around the house. Each team must find as many as they can in 3 minutes!
  4. Balloon Bumps – each team is given a set of pre-blown up balloons. Start the stopwatch and see how many balloons each team can pop in 30 seconds – but only by sitting on them!
  5. Murder In The Dark – an old favourite! Everyone comes together for this game – nominate a ‘murderer’ to stand with their eyes closed in the middle of the room. While they count to 50, everybody else must run and hide throughout the house. The murderer has to try and discover everybody, but people are allowed to move around if the murderer gets close to them. Try it in complete darkness to make it that bit more difficult.

So there you have it – your complete Halloween party checklist. Are you ready to host the spooky soirée of the year?


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