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Chicken drumsticks are often a favourite at BBQs and picnics, but with our Chinese Chicken Drumsticks and Quinoa Salad dish, they can play the lead role in a delicious, healthy and easy meal. Get everything you need to create this Asian inspired quick chicken recipe at your local convenience store.

Ingredients for your easy meal

SPAR Chinese Chicken Drumsticks 580g

SPAR Limited Edition Asian Quinoa Salad 200g

SPAR Mixed Leaf & Rocket Salad 70g

Serves: 2

Cook time: 25 mins (if serving warm)

Calories Per Person: 400

Our Chinese Chicken Drumsticks are ready to eat, but for an additional texture to this dish, why not crisp them up in the oven? Add your drumsticks to a baking tray and place on the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 25 minutes. Whilst they heat, arrange a plate with a handful of your mixed leaf and rocket. Spoon alongside a hearty helping of Asian Quinoa salad, then lay your crisp Chinese chicken drumsticks on the bed of rocket to serve.  

So, what’s in the dish?

Not many easy chicken dishes originate in Asia. Asian flavours can be difficult to balance when making from scratch. The sticky Chinese marinade on these drumsticks is made from a combination of garlic, tomatoes, paprika, aniseed, cinnamon and lemon to give them a sweet and tangy finish, with a very gentle kick of spice.

Traditional Chinese chicken dishes are accompanied by rice – soft texture, and subtle neutral flavours to not detract from the complex Asian spices. However, when considering what to serve with chicken drumsticks, we opted for a colourful side, which complements the Asian theme - our delicious quinoa salad. With less starch than rice, the small, slightly firm quinoa grains are a complete protein, containing essential amino acids. Quinoa is lauded by the health and fitness world, and this dish is amongst a host of healthy quinoa meal ideas to try. It’s a light and refreshing dish to enjoy for an evening meal or lunch.

Colour is added in the form of peppers, cabbage, carrots, and green onion, with a rice vinegar based dressing to bring the salad together. The soft and tender drumstick meat is a fine contrast with the small grains and crunchy vegetables found in the salad, while the acid of the dressing is countered by the peppery rocket.

Wine Pairing

Strawberries and cream, apple pie and custard, Chardonnay with chicken. It’s a combination that works every time. This Asian chicken dish’s textures are light and simple, well supported by our rich Californian Chardonnay and with its flavour suiting both white and dark poultry, this is ideal with drumsticks. With many flavours present, and a slight acidity in the dressing of the salad, the citrus Chardonnay is the perfect palette cleanser. Pick up a bottle of SPAR ‘C’ Chardonnay at your local convenience store.