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Looking for something easy, fresh and healthy to serve in the lighter evenings? Look no further than this simple chicken wrap recipe. Find your meal for tonight taken care of with help from your local convenience store.


Ingredients for your easy meal

SPAR Mango & Coconut Chicken Sizzlers (330g)
SPAR Plain Tortilla Wraps 6s (348g)
SPAR Crispy Salad (125g)
SPAR Tomato Salsa (170g)

Total: £6
Serves: 2
Cook Time: 14 min


1. Start by preheating your grill (or barbecue if you fancy!).

2. Place the chicken sizzlers onto the grill, evenly spaced and leave for 2 minutes. No need to add any oil.

3. Turn your chicken. Continue to turn for 4-5 times every few minutes until the chicken is evenly coloured and fully cooked.

4. Take peppers and stand them on their stalks. Place your knife near the centre of the pepper and slice vertically down each of the 4 edges, keeping clear of the seeds and core, to leave 4 even sized pieces. Brush gently with olive oil and add to the grill, turning regularly until softened and charred.

5. Put your tortillas in the microwave and heat for no more than 40 seconds.

6. Slice both your chicken and peppers into thin strips.

7. Take your warmed tortillas, gently sprinkle a handful of grated cheese in the centre, top with equal amounts of your chicken, both colours of pepper, a spoon of salsa and sour cream then fold. 

8. Place 2 fajitas on each plate with a portion of mixed salad leaves alongside.

*Recipe adapted from Foodista, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

So, what’s in the dish?

This is definitely one of the simpler, healthy summer recipes. These easy chicken fajitas are a fun and vibrant meal choice and great for a small gathering, as once the chicken and peppers are cooked, you could leave all toppings and tortillas in the centre of the table for everyone to build their own. Our mango and coconut chicken sizzlers are in store now making this simple fajita recipe, even easier.

Why not pair up your quick meal with the perfect bottle of wine? Our SPAR Pinot Grigio is perfectly suited to the exotic flavours.

Looking for more easy summer dinner recipes? Pop down to your nearest convenience store and feel inspired.