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Bring some Moroccan magic to the dinner table – this is one of those easy summer dinner recipes that will surprise and delight, with its spicy and fruity flavours! Get everything you need to create this easy Moroccan chicken recipe at your local convenience store.


Ingredients for your easy meal

SPAR Fresh Skinless Chicken Breast Portions 500g

SPAR Moroccan Houmous 170g

SPAR Morrocan Fruity Couscous 250g

Green Beans

Serves: 2

Cook time: 20 mins

Calories Per Person: 570

Take your chicken breasts and place them under a heated grill, turning regularly. The extra colour achieved from grilling helps your chicken stand out against the bright colours of the other ingredients. Next, boil your green beans until tender. Once the chicken is cooked, slice and lay it on a plate, ready to serve alongside your green beans, the warming and aromatic Moroccan houmous and a generous serving of fruity couscous. This easy Moroccan chicken recipe is perfect for dinner on a budget that will delight the whole family, drizzled with a taste of the exotic.

So, what’s in the dish?

Love the texture and versatility, but wondering what to serve with couscous? Moroccan couscous is a real explosion of taste and colour. Combining chickpeas with raisins, peppers and apricots, the spicy and fruity flavours give a true taste of Moroccan cuisine without the need for all those ingredients, and a time-consuming cooking method.

The aromatic, warming flavours of Moroccan houmous deliver a spicy hit from the onions, garlic and coriander – a perfect complement to the dish as it adds a contrasting smoothness against the coarse texture of the couscous.

The dish is brought together with juicy grilled chicken, served without marinade to avoid competition with the strong flavours from the other ingredients, which makes this dish a particularly easy chicken recipe.

Wine Pairing

Against the backdrop of poultry, fruit and spice, consider a strong acidic white such as Chenin Blanc. The inherently sweet flavours pair well with sweet and sour dishes, and with the fruit of the couscous contrasting with the sour, warming heat of the Moroccan houmous, this wine will fit the pairing bill perfectly.