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Food & Drink 7 Adorable Kids’ Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your little one’s big day? Your kids will go crazy for these birthday cake ideas, and so will their friends! Find out how to make a birthday cake stand out at your kids’ party with SPAR.

How to Decorate your Kids’ Birthday Cake

Whether you’re a cake decorating novice or have a bit more experience behind you, we’ve got some kids’ birthday cake ideas for you to try. From prehistoric scenes to princesses and superheroes, find our favourite cake decorating ideas for your little one’s next birthday below. Followed by some adorable 1st birthday cake ideas to help celebrate the special occasion!

  1. Make a Dino-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Make two circular cakes to form your dinosaur. With the first cake, cut out a horseshoe shape to form the body and legs. And with the second cake, cut out a piece for the tail, and a piece for the neck and head. Lay these three pieces down together on a flat surface (or cake board) and ice over the top to create your dinosaur! Use chocolate drops and buttons to create the scaly effect of their back, and use rainbow drops or piped icing to form the ground that your prehistoric friend is “walking” on!

Or set your dinosaur up in a pre-historic scene with rocks, grass and water all made out of icing! If you don’t feel too confident with fondant, take your child’s favourite toy dinosaur (you might have to be quite discreet about this though) and use this instead of modelling your own. And why not take some chocolate fingers or wafer curls to place around the edge of the cake and create the illusion of wood? You can even make mini cake pops with dinosaur faces to complement your dinosaur birthday cake and create a prehistoric extravaganza!

  1. Go for Gold with a Gem Mine Kids’ Birthday Cake

If their favourite toys are diggers, or they just like all things sparkle, then this is a slightly different take on a kids’ birthday cake that they’re sure to be mesmerised by! Make them a chocolate cake, edge it with chocolate fingers and take a chunk out of the top to create the effect of a ditch. Sprinkle over some crushed hard sweets in different colours to look like gems and place a couple of their favourite toy diggers around the scene! Don’t forget to sprinkle edible glitter over the ‘mine’! You can even mould the entrance of a mine out of fondant icing, filling it with more “gems” and a railway track coming out across the top.

3. Make their Dreams Come True with a Princess Birthday Cake

There are many approaches you can take towards this classic birthday cake idea. For starters, you can bake a dome cake and cover in fondant icing to create the skirt of your princess birthday cake. Then make your own princess out of fondant icing to stick on top, or even mould the whole thing around their favourite (clean) Barbie doll!

Why not try a tiered castle? Bake three round cakes, each one smaller than the one before, and build them on top of each other. Cover with fondant icing and decorate to create the effect of a castle. With this kids’ birthday cake idea, their party is sure to be a royal affair!

For a more unique take on the typical princess birthday cake, cut some fondant icing into the shape of a crown and wrap it round a circular cake. Decorate with edible paint, pearls, glitter – the works! The more sparkles, the better. It’ll be like they have their very own regal crown.

  1. Save the Day with a Superhero Cake

Are they into the Marvel and DC characters? For something a little simpler, but no less effective, sketch and cut out the superhero logos of fondant icing and place them around your iced cake – with a skyline made from icing covering the base of the cake.

Top tip: For that extra “WOW” factor, take some small cocktail sticks and attach some “ZAP!” and “POW!” comic-style bubbles to stick into the top of your cake. You can make it even more personal by printing out one with their name in, too.

Sweep them off their feet and make it personalised by turning your little one into a superhero. Make a mini portrait out of fondant icing and dress them up as their favourite superhero – draping a sheet of icing over the side of the cake to create the effect of a cape flying in the wind! Cover with stars and sparkles to give off the effect of them soaring through the sky at night.

5. Surprise them with a Magical Unicorn Birthday Cake

Why not serve up a unicorn birthday cake at the party? Bake a tall layered cake and coat in a layer of icing to form the head. Make a unicorn horn and two ears out of fondant icing, coating them in edible paint and glitter, and stand them up on the top of the cake. Using multicoloured icing, pipe around the top and sides of the cake to form the maine and cut out the eyes from fondant to stick to the front. You could even try using an ice cream cone dipped in icing and coated in sprinkles to create a decorative, edible horn.

Top tip: Add some extra detail by using different piping nozzles when decorating your cake to create different sized rosettes.

  1. Hedgehog Kids’ Birthday Cake

Form a cake into an oval shape with a point on the end for the nose. Cover in chocolate icing and use chocolate fingers as the spikes! Cover the base with piped green icing to create the effect of grass and use fondant for its eyes, tip of the nose and mouth!

  1. Serve Up a Treat with a Sweetie Kids’ Birthday Cake

As an alternative birthday cake idea, this one is great if your little one has allergies because it doesn’t contain any cake! Simply mould some polestyrene into your desired shape and cover with aluminium foil. Then take your kids’ favourite sweets and attach them to small cocktail sticks. You can then pop these into the polystyrene base in a pattern of your choice – think hedgehog, except the spikes are covered in flying saucers, milk bottles and gummy sweets. You’ll be left with what looks like a mountain of sweets to serve up on the big day. This one’s also pretty easy to serve up, but just make sure you take out the cocktail sticks beforehand.

Some Adorable 1st Birthday Cake Ideas

Throwing a 1st birthday party? We’ve also pulled together some cake decorating ideas for you to try:

  • Bake a tall layered cake, cover with white icing and stick in a number 1 candle. Coat the top with multicoloured sprinkles, trickling them down the side to create a light waterfall effect! Simple, but effective.
  • Similar to the above, start by baking a layered cake and cover with icing. Cut out a stencil of the number 1 from card, place it on the top of the cake and coat the rest with multicoloured sprinkles! You should be left with a number 1 cut out of sprinkles in the middle.
  • Put together a tiered cake covered in fondant icing. Decorate with the number 1, bunting, flowers and teddy bears.
  • Ice a tall layered cake with coloured rosettes and sit a fondant bear on the top!

Make sure you’ve got self-raising flour, butter, caster sugar, eggs and baking powder for your cake base. Find all the ingredients you need to bake your kids’ birthday cake at your local SPAR. And be sure to sign up to our E-newsletter for more party and foodie inspiration!

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