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Food & Drink How To Make The Perfect Afternoon Tea
Is tea your bag? Well good news for fans of brews, now is the perfect time for an afternoon tea party!

Get prepared for National Afternoon Tea Week this year by learning how to make the perfect afternoon tea in advance.  So, are you treating your friends and family to a ‘make your own afternoon tea party’ this summer? If so, it’s time to pop the pinkie finger and swap your digestive biscuits for something a little more upmarket.

If you’re an afternoon tea amateur, don’t worry. We’ve collected a bunch of afternoon tea at home ideas to help you host an afternoon tea even the Ritz would be proud of!

1. The Tea

When learning how to make the perfect afternoon tea, it’s important to sort the tea out first. Only your Great Aunt Martha (who thinks she can see the future in a teacup) has time for loose tea leaves. Tea bags might seem a bit like cheating but bung them in a teapot and no one will be any the wiser. There’s a great selection of beautifully brewed teas at SPAR for you to pick up and showcase at your afternoon tea.

Impress the guests and throw in a few tea facts:

Earl Grey was named after 19th century English Prime Minister, Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey, but why this tea was named for him is still a mystery.

Next to water, tea is the second most consumed drink in the whole wide world.

British people drink about 100 million cups of tea a day.

2. Buns and Cakes

In a traditional afternoon tea, there are small, dainty mouthfuls of all your favourite buns and cakes. If you really want to keep things small, cut your favourite buns in half, but you know, it’s your party – be a rebel and serve the full sized versions. It’s only Afternoon Tea Week once a year after all!

If you’re struggling for afternoon tea cake ideas, why not make a selection? For a classic option everyone will enjoy, bake a Victoria sponge in true British style! For something a bit more contemporary, try your hand at baking a red velvet cake. With its eye-catching red colour, this cake is definitely delicious.

3. The Weather

If you’re planning to make your own afternoon tea, ideally you’ll picture yourself sitting in the sunshine with bluebirds serving you fairy cakes. But let’s get real. As lovely as it would be to have tea in the garden like Lady Bracknell, no one wants to be bothering with brollies. Hedge your bets and serve your tea indoors.

Fresh flowers and a cute table cloth can make it seem (kind of) as magical, and you can even throw a picnic blanket down for an “al-fresco” indoor feel.

4. Afternoon Tea Sandwich Ideas

The sandwiches are where things get serious, guys. You have two options – one, play it classic and provide egg and cress or cucumber sandwiches. Or, you can go a little rogue and show off some new flavour options – like a SPAR coronation chicken sandwich filler, roast beef and horseradish, maybe even a PB&J. Who’s the sandwich police here?

One thing’s for sure though, there can’t be a crust in sight.

5. Get Fussy

Bluff your way to success- even if you haven’t a clue, start to have very specific opinions on when milk should be added to tea. Drop in statements like “According to Tatler, this is the definitive way to spread your jam this season”, “Cupcakes are so 2008, darling” or more vaguely, “If it was good enough for Oscar Wilde, it’s good enough for me…”

Now you know how to make the perfect afternoon tea, it has never been so easy! Stock up on delicious treats to share with your friends at SPAR, and let us know how you got on on Facebook or Twitter.

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