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Trending TikTok recipes guaranteed to divide the dinner table this Christmas as hashtag #Christmasfood hits 21M views in last week

When it comes to Christmas shopping it’s always fun to get gifts for your loved ones but we all know the most enjoyable shopping trip is the food shop. 

Research shows that nearly half of us (47%) believe that eating lots of food at Christmas is one of the best parts of the festive season and Google Trends shows that searches for Christmas food have gone up by 64% in the last month as people get prepped for the big day. 

Group of friends celebrating Christmas.

The hashtag #ChristmasFood has also been viewed 21million times in the last 7 days on TikTok as we compile our shopping lists. But many of us are fed up with the traditional turkey - with recent news reporting that Gen Z are the most likely to ditch the Christmas classic and over a third of Brits are planning to forget Christmas Dinner all together and replace it with a takeaway this year. 

If you are still prepping Christmas feasts but looking for something a little more exciting this year, community retailer SPAR has taken a look at the latest trends on TikTok guaranteed to divide the dinner table.

For the hostess with the mostess: Charcuterie Trees

After butter boards and grazing tables hit the number one spot this summer for the ultimate hosting spread we have the latest TikTok trend for Christmas - Charcuterie Trees! A perfect way to get your guests snacking whilst enjoying a cocktail and catching up. 

And the best bit is you just have to arrange the cheese, meats, olives and antipasti on the tree so there is no cooking involved! Try this example from @laurshaps with over 1 million views so far - and don’t forget to buy toothpicks! 

You can also now get SPAR’s new Smoky Cheddar Cheese as the perfect accompaniment for any charcuterie boards in store now. 

For a twist on a festive favourite: Brie Pigs in Blankets

Pigs in Blankets have been ranked as one of the most popular British dishes of all time, coming in 10th place, but is it time to try a twist on an old classic? If you fancy elevating your dish this Christmas try this viral Brie Pigs in Blankets recipe from Planet Food with 9M views. 

Simply add a slice of brie and a spoonful of cranberry sauce to the middle of the sausage, wrap in bacon and stick in the air fryer for an easy and delicious take on everyone’s favourite festive side. Grab your delicious SPAR French Brie to bring this dish to life today! 

For the cheese lovers: Camembert Sharing Bread

Christmas is a time for carols, charades and an unhealthy amount of cheese! And for anyone thinking about a new starter for the cheese lovers on the big day a Camembert Sharing Bread is perfect for keeping everyone happy. 

All you have to do is cut a hole for the camembert to sit in out of a rounded loaf of bread, add your favourite flavours and herbs such as honey, rosemary or garlic and score the bread around the cheese so you can tear it off at the table. With 2M views try this mouth watering version from @awholelotofadventure. 

And if you are really planning a cheese lover’s dream don't forget to pick up more options from SPAR’s impressive range including Blue Stilton, Wensleydale and Cranberry Cheese, Smoky Cheddar Cheese and more. 

For the ultimate Christmas movie snack: Festive Loaded Fries

If you are craving a snack to snuggle up with as the evenings get dark and you are ready to enjoy your favourite film, but are bored of the usual cheese and crackers then try these festive loaded fries crammed with Christmas goodness. 

Add all the best sides including brie, pigs in blankets, stuffing and top off with some gravy to dip these delicious forkfuls into. Blogger @heyamylouise has the perfect example which has been saved nearly 10,00 times! 

You can find the perfect SPAR Pigs in Blankets and SPAR Stuffing Balls in store now to add to your fries. 

For a new dessert option: Christmas Chocolate Bark

Christmas dessert can be a contentious issue - do you go for Christmas pudding, Yule log or a trife? This year, instead of ending up with a table full of sweet things no one really has room for, why not do something a little different with Chocolate Bark. 

This simple recipe can be tailored to fit everyone’s tastes by adding dark, milk and white chocolate to a baking tray, topping with your favourite sweets, nuts or  and voila! Check out the #ChristmasBark hashtag on TikTok which has already had over 28M views. 

And why not pair with SPAR’s Premium Ice Cream in three delicious flavours, White Chocolate with Mixed Berry Sauce, Vanilla with Salted Caramel Sauce and Chocolate with Chocolate Sauce. 

SPAR’s BIG deals of Christmas have come to town, so stock up and get ready for the festive season with fantastic deals. After a challenging year, you deserve to indulge in a wide range of festive goodies, from biscuits for Mum, crisps by the tonne and sweets for everyone too. SPAR’s making a big deal of Christmas because it matters to you!

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