Try some of these delicious and easy recipes at home. Get all your ingredients from your local convenience store.

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Knife sharpened? Apron ready? Time to get creative in the kitchen with our quick, easy and delicious recipes. From light lunches to indulgent desserts to wholesome family favourites, your mealtime masterclass starts here.

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Pasta & Crisps

Try this crunchy twist on mac and cheese for a cracking midweek dinner.

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Pasta & Marmite

Love it or hate it, this recipe is delish. It might sounds strange but trust us, it’s beautifully tangy.

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Penne Red Wine

Trust us, this dish is a corker.

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Penne Pasta and Avocado Cream

We're always looking for ways to freshen up our pasta dishes, well why not try penne pasta with this home made creamy avocado pesto. Delicious!

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deliciously easy healthy meals for the after school rush

One Pot Recipe – Courgette & Tomato Fusilli

Want a meal that's healthy, delicious, and easy to cook? This vegetable pasta one pot recipe is guaranteed all three. Why not give it a go, and send us photos of the outcome on our social channels?

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One Pot Recipe - Chilli Con Carne

Looking to boost your protein? This chilli con carne recipe is sure to do that - and you only need one pot to cook it in!

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One Pot Recipe - Butternut Squash & Spinach Dahl

Vegan cooking doesn't have to be complicated. Here's a healthy recipe that is all cooked in one pot!

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One Pot Recipe - Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry

Having a busy lifestyle or lacking in kitchen skills doesn't mean you can't make delicious food! Here's a vegetarian recipe you can cook in one pot.

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Chicken and Chorizo Pasta Bake

Looking for an easy, tasty meal? Learn how to make the perfect chicken and chorizo pasta bake to impress guests or feed the family with help from SPAR.

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Seafood Linguine

Seafood linguine

Looking for a quick, easy and tasty solution for dinner tonight? Our seafood linguine recipe will wow your taste buds.

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Kids Homemade Pizzas

Kids Pizza Party!

Pizza dough is easy enough for the kids to make themselves, they’ll enjoy getting their hands into the sticky dough, kneading and rolling out. Then let them have some fun with different toppings, making faces with lots of ingredients.

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Tomato and Chorizo Tagliatelle

Chorizo & Tomato Tagliatelle

A simple mid-week meal with fabulous flavours, our chorizo and tomato tagliatelle is an all-round crowd pleaser. Deliciously succulent and hearty, this recipe serves up to four people.

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