Baby, it’s cold outside. With temperatures really starting to drop, it’s time to start fueling ourselves with some hearty winter meals.  You’ve got your winter coat and gloves out, now it’s time to feel even cozier by rustling up some absolute winter classics.

On a freezing cold winter’s day, there’s nothing better than tucking into an uber comforting warming winter meal. Get ready for some epic healthy winter recipes, because we’ve got some inspo for your cooking creations over the colder months.

From healthy one pot recipes and soup recipes to vegetarian recipes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Here are 11 winter warmer recipes to snuggle down with...

1. Vegetarian Casserole

If you’re after hearty vegetarian winter recipes then a vegetarian casserole won’t fail to delight. And the great thing about this dish is you can really make it your own - simply use whatever nutritious veggies you fancy. Try Mediterranean style with courgettes, lentils, peppers, paprika and tomatoes, or opt for a more wintery combo of carrots, leeks, sweet potato and onion.


2. Meat pie

One for the hardcore meat lovers. Get your winter meat fix with one of the best winter warmer recipes, the super satisfying meat pie. Red meats tend to go down well in the winter, like steak and ale pie for example, an absolute pub classic. Or if you prefer poultry, then treat yourself to a mouthwatering chicken, bacon, mushroom and leek pie. Add mustard and chicken stock for extra flavour.


Shepherd’s pie

All hail the legendary Shepherd's Pie. It always goes down a treat, especially in the winter. For extra crispiness, top your mashed potato with cheese and breadcrumbs. And it’s also worth adding a splash of Worcester sauce to your mince and gravy. If you’re specifically after healthy winter recipes, go for a low fat, lean lamb mince. To give your Shepherd's Pie a bit more goodness, why not chuck in some chopped carrots.


4. Roast dinner

You simply can’t go wrong with a roast dinner. First on the agenda, it’s time to choose your meat. Are you a fan of turkey, beef, pork, or lamb? To make your roasties extra crispy, toss them around with flour once you’ve drained them, before they go in the oven. And if you’re feeling naughty, why not cook them with goose fat? For a twist on traditional boiled veggies, pop carrots and butternut squash in the oven for some added warmth and crunchiness. Don’t forget to use all the meat juices to make your gravy.


5. Carrot and Coriander Soup

If you want a lighter dish, then this vegetable soup recipe is one of the yummiest healthy winter meals.. Try using shallot onions instead of the usual white onions for a slightly different flavour. The trick to making this soup super tasty is frying the carrots with onions in the pan before boiling.


6. Lamb tagine

If you've had all the roasts and pies you can take, then switch things up a little with a Moroccan lamb tagine. It’s still a brilliant winter warmer. Plus, it’s fairly low in calories coming in at under 500 calories. For this dish the key is in the spices, so stock up on paprika, cumin, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric - an absolute winning combination.


7. Chilli sin carne (vegetarian chilli)

Get your daily dose of veg by throwing together a chilli sin carne - a meat free chilli dish. It’s easy to make and also a wonderfully healthy option and is packed with goodness. The basis of your veggie chilli can be made up of peppers, sweet potato, onions, tomatoes and kidney beans. But you can experiment with different vegetables if you wish…  


8. Toad in the hole

Test your culinary skills and attempt this British classic. It’s a dish that’s known for hitting the spot in the winter. Sausages inside a Yorkie – what’s not to love? The key here is to get some decent quality sausages, because they will make or break this dish. Add a dash of rosemary to take this dish to the next level.


9. Bangers and mash

A winning winter dish that’s so easy to make. Again, make sure you get some yummy sausages, pork and leek never fails to satisfy. If you’re going to really nail this dish you need to get the gravy right, try frying some onions and cooking them in the gravy for extra yumminess. For super smooth mash, wait until the potatoes are fork tender, and don’t forget to add lashings of butter and a splash of milk.


10. Lancashire Hot pot

Lamb Hot Pot

This stew, originating from the North West of England, is a definite crowd pleaser. Ideal if you’ve got a few of your mates round for dinner. It’s best cooked as slowly as possible so the lamb melts in your mouth and the flavour explodes. Buy stewing lamb and cook slowly with carrots, onions and potatoes. Make sure you brush the potatoes with dripping to give them a lovely crispy glaze.


11. Fish pie

And finally on our list, fish pie is a good option if you’re looking for something less heavy than a hearty meat dish. It’s usually made with white smoked fish, but you can throw in some salmon and prawns too. A core fish pie recipe includes potatoes, your choice of fish, cheese and parsley.


Whether you’re trying a few or want to challenge yourself with all 11 on our winter warmer list, discover all the ingredients you need with a little help from you nearest convenience store.