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With Halloween creeping up around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your costume, party decorations and of course, ghostly grub. Whether you’re hosting a family party or attending a gory get-together with friends, we’ve come up with some creepy Halloween cake recipes, packed with delicious ingredients. All of our Halloween cake ideas are easy to make and designed to send an eerie chill down the backs of your friends’ spines. Intrigued? Read on to discover how to make a Halloween cake that’s sure to impress!

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Cupcakes with Spider Halloween Cake Decorations

Discover our ghoulishly great Halloween cake ideas

Spooky Spider Halloween Cake Idea

Scared of spiders? Play on your party guests’ fears with the first of our Halloween cake ideas – a scrumptiously spooky spider cake.

You’ll need all the standard sponge ingredients, some pre-made icing and a packet of sugary or . Simply whip up a regular sponge cake with your eggs, sugar, flour and cocoa powder, and bake for approximately half an hour before setting aside to cool.

Once completely cooled, coat your spooky cakes in your pre-made icing. Then you can start with your Halloween cake decorations!

Mix it up with spider webs and dangly spiders or go flat out and create your very own giant, spooky, sugary spider. Simply twist and break up your laces to create the best shapes for your spider Halloween cake -liquorice sticks make the best legs!


Punchy Pumpkin Halloween Cake Recipe

You can make pumpkin Halloween cakes by adding peeled pumpkin to your sponge mix for a taste of authenticity, or simply opt for an easy sponge with a pumpkin design.

You’ll need to make two sponges for this Halloween cake recipe; you’ll also need orange food colouring, green food colouring, enough fondant icing to cover your cake and a bowl of buttercream.

Once your sponges have cooled, let the creativity begin!

Spread your buttercream over the top of the lower sponge to create your filling. Place the top sponge over the filling and mix your orange food colouring with a large dollop of your fondant icing to get started on your Halloween cake decorations, setting a smaller amount of icing mixture aside for later. Spread the orange icing over your sponges.

Mix the remaining icing with your green food colouring and shape it to look like a pumpkin stem, adding it to the centre of the top sponge.

If you’ve got time, carve the edges of your cake to resemble the groves of a real, authentic pumpkin. You can also carve jagged shapes to look like the eyes and mouth of a spooky Jack-O-Lantern. And there you have it! A horribly good Halloween cake suitable for all of your guests.

Halloween Cake Ideas

Red Velvet Blood Halloween Cake

Gory and ghoulish – this idea for an easy Halloween cake is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. You’ll need red velvet sponge ingredients (enough for four layers), cream cheese icing and red-coloured ganache.

Simply bake four layers of red velvet sponge and set aside to cool. Once ready, coat in your cream cheese icing until all the sponge is covered. You can also add buttercream in between the layers for a scrumptious touch.

Taking your red ganache, simply drizzle it from the centre of your cake and let it dribble down the sides to replicate dripping blood. When your guests cut into this creepy cake, they’ll be greeted with a delicious, red velvet surprise. How devilishly delicious!


Ghost Meringue Halloween Cake

You’re going to need a sponge mix, a meringue mix, frosting and chocolate chips. For the meringue, all you need is eggs, caster sugar and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to give your meringue mixture that flavoursome kick.

To make your ghosts, simply whip up your meringue mixture until stiff peaks start to form. Then dollop onto your baking tray and add the chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth before baking for 90 minutes (this dries out the meringue).

Meanwhile, get your sponge mix ready and pop into the oven after your meringue has been in for 1 hour. Let this bake for 30 minutes before setting aside to cool, along with your meringue ghosts.

Once completely cooled, cover your sponge cake with your frosting. You can switch it up here – instead of creamy frosting you could use a whole coat of icing, or even rich chocolate ganache for an extra rich kick of flavour. Add your meringue ghosts to the top of your cake, and voila! You’ll have a deliciously chilling meringue ghost cake to trick or treat your guests to.

Fancy turning this Halloween cake idea into cupcakes? Check out our .


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