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Getting to grips with a gluten-free diet? Maybe you’re still unsure what foods are gluten free and safe to eat. Help is at hand! We’ve put together this handy guide to show you a whole host of everyday foods that are gluten free. So why not take some inspiration, tuck in and enjoy!

Hazelnut Pistachio and Cashew Nut Butters

Nuts & Butters

Almost all types of nuts and nut butters are fine for a gluten free diet. Nuts should only be avoided when they are coated in a breadcrumb or sauce, as this can contain flour which contains wheat. Our Snack & Graze range is perfectly suitable for the gluten free diet, and provides a great source of protein and energy for when you’re on the go. Snacking made simple! 

Healthy Swaps For Junk Food


With their close link to oats and grains, seeds are often mistaken as a food that can’t be eaten as part of a gluten free diet. All seeds, from sunflower through to pumpkin, are perfectly fine to eat and a great source of vitamins. They’re also ideal for snacking on throughout the day.

Looking for more healthy snacking ideas? Take a peek at our junk food replacement inspiration.

Rice Cakes

Rice Pudding, Rice Cakes, Ricer Crackers… Rice!

Another misunderstood grain, rice is a perfectly-fine-to-eat everyday gluten free food. That means rice cakes, rice crackers, puffed rice and most rice puddings are all on the menu. From dinner to dessert and snacks in between, that means you can maintain your protein intake. Find more inspiration with our High Protein Foods You Need To Know For a Healthier You This Year.

Delicious Chickpea Hummus


 High in nutrition, delicious and completely gluten free, hummus is a great spread for snacking on. Good with vegetables and crackers as well as in cooking, hummus is simply made from chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and tahini (ground sesame seeds). A great gluten free snack that is perfect for introducing into a healthy diet.

Bottle of Cider


Unlike beer, cider doesn’t contain a drop of barley wheat – meaning it’s perfectly fine to drink as part of a gluten free diet. With a range of ciders to choose from, we also stock our own award-winning cider. Winner of the wholesale Quality Drinks Awards 2016, our SPAR Premium Reserve is great for enjoying with friends all year round.

Going gluten free is much easier than you think. With more gluten free foods available than you may have first thought, your diet might not have to change too much if you’re only just beginning to cut out gluten. Though avoiding all wheat, barley and rye products might exclude some of your favourites, there are still many delicious, healthy and easy-to-find gluten free products you can keep in your diet. Find your nearest convenience store to start stocking the shelves today.