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With the clocks going back before summer really ever had a chance to shine, dark mornings and darker evenings are back. Many take the silver lining to be an extra hour in bed – but true creatures of habit know that their body waits for no clock – especially one that’s going to turn up an hour late. So, get up an hour ‘earlier’ this Sunday 30 th and use it wisely to whip together a cracking breakfast from our quirky breakfast ideas below.

1. The Vegetarian Breakfast: Smoothie Time

Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

For healthy breakfast ideas for this Sunday, why not go for a smoothie full of your favourite fruits. Use yoghurt, milk, water, coconut water or juice for your liquid before adding whatever fruit or veg you like. Avocado, oats and honey are also good additions to thicken up your smoothie, and work well with banana flavoured recipes. Juice is better for citrus and berry heavy smoothies including orange, strawberry, apple and blueberries, while spinach can sneak into almost any recipe to give you an extra vitamin boost.

2. The High Energy Breakfast: Porridge With a Twist

Porridge Oats with Fruits Berries and Nuts

You can twist your porridge in any way you desire for different breakfast ideas this weekend. From the more indulgent syrup and peanut butter to a healthy dose of berries and nuts – the versatility of porridge means that no bowl need be the same. For breakfast ideas that really go against the grain (pun could not be more intended) why not try savoury porridge? Add a touch of salt and pepper and top with breakfast staples like egg or even bacon to give a completely new dimension to your oats.

3. The Healthy Breakfast: Fruit Salad

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

There’s no such thing as too many healthy breakfast recipes – so we thought we’d add another fruit heavy option. If you prefer your fruit with more bite, fruit salads are a tasty way to combine all your favourite fruits for a super simple breakfast full of flavour. Mix with yoghurt, juice or even porridge and top with nuts and quinoa for slow release energy. The finishing touch? A few sprigs of mint to add extra flavour.

4. The Trendy Breakfast: Avocado Plus Two

Avocado and Scrambled egg on Toast

If your Instagram feed’s giving you serious breakfast envy, then this one’s for you. As well as being seriously photogenic, avocado makes a great start to any morning, and works perfectly alongside your favourite breakfast items. Spread on wholemeal toast and add a sprinkle of salt and pepper before squeezing somen lemon and lime juice on top. You can then add a fried or scrambled egg and decorate with some crispy bacon lardons for a flavoursome kick, or favour cherry tomatoes and salmon for a healthier option.

5. The Classic Breakfast: The Ultimate Fry-Up

English Fry up Breakfast

When you’ve got the time and the appetite, nothing can beat a good cooked breakfast. The beauty of the fry-up is that there are no hard and fast rules about what it needs to include or how it needs to be cooked. Simply ensure you’ve got a few of the core elements and you can wing the rest. Grab some bread, eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes and you’ve got the makings of a pretty filling yet simple breakfast. All you’ve got to do now is make a few decisions. Toasted or fried? Scrambled or boiled? Crispy or soft? The choice is yours.

6. The Different Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Possibly one of the best breakfast recipes out there. When it comes to quirky recipe ideas – the Mexican street food turned breakfast staple has all the bases covered. Take advantage of your extra hour and make time to put together some delicious breakfast-filled burritos. Fill with the customary kidney beans and add eggs, avocado and sweet potato for something a little different. Alternatively, try peppers, chorizo and cherry tomatoes for a Mediterranean twist.


Scrap the cereal and toast and make the most of your morning this Sunday by whipping up one of our 6 different breakfast ideas. Short on supplies? Pick up all the ingredients you need from your local SPAR. Proud of your creation? Share your best breakfast recipes to our Twitter and Facebook pages for all the world to see. Happy breakfast making!