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7 days of recipes Part 2: Dinner ideas to see you through the week

At SPAR, we know that things are very different at the moment. Getting hold of our favourite ingredients might not always be possible right now, and we understand that finding foodie inspiration can be even more difficult working with just the staple foods you’ve got in the cupboard.

So, to help with this (and because meal planning isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time), we’ve returned with seven more deliciously quick family dinner ideas to see you through this week.

As always, don’t worry if you haven’t got all of the ingredients. Our recipes are completely flexible so feel free to experiment and create your own twist on the dish!


Monday: One Pot Chilli Con Carne

Start the week off with a hearty meal that you can really make your own. Combine mince with juicy tomatoes, spices and stock and leave to cook. Serve with rice and you’re done! An easy dinner packed with protein that will keep the whole family happy.

And if you needed any more reason to try this recipe, one pot means less washing up. Don’t say you’re not tempted…


Tuesday: Gluten Free Chinese Chicken Salad

It’s salad as you’ve never seen it before. One of our favourite healthy family meals and traditionally served with noodles, you can adapt this recipe to fit whatever you’ve got at home. Start with your favourite salad greens like cabbage, lettuce and spring onions and add a fruity twist with satsumas or clementines.

The best bit? Once this is prepared, it should keep well for a few hours, so feel free to prep before dinner time.

Top tip: Don’t add the dressing until you’re ready to serve, this will stop the salad from becoming soggy.


Wednesday: Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

What about quick family meals for vegetarians? Our stuffed peppers are filled with rice, beans, vegetables and spices – all staple foods you’re likely to have at home. Want a spicy kick? Liberally add chilli powder, jalapenos, and cumin powder. Not got parmesan cheese in the fridge? We think cheddar, mozzarella or feta would pair nicely with our recipe.


Thursday: Carrot and Coriander Soup

Getting bored of tinned tomato soup already? Want something a little more fresh?

Try our carrot and coriander soup. Ready in a speedy 15 minutes from start to finish, this is a great dish to prepare if you’ve got a busy day planned with the kids. If you’ve got stale bread at home, try toasting it with a little garlic and rosemary in a frying pan, and use as homemade croutons!


Friday: Chicken Enchiladas

Fancy Mexican food for dinner? Have a Friday fiesta with our Chicken enchiladas, a fun way to share dinner time with the family.

Add your favourite fillings, bake in cheesy goodness and serve up with a dollop of sour cream! Why not make an evening out of it and have nachos to start? Top with our homemade salsa for an all-round crowd pleaser!


Saturday: Sausage Casserole

Sausages and potatoes – what’s not to love? Prepped in 10 minutes and ready in under an hour, this recipe brings a little comfort food to your weekend.

Don’t eat meat? Just swap the sausages for your favourite meat substitute and get cooking!


Sunday’s Wild Card: Traditional Kedgeree

Maybe not the first thing you think of when we say ‘easy family meal’, but it’s surprisingly simple!

At its most stripped back, this dish comprises fish, boiled rice and lots of herbs and spices to create a blend of flavours with some fairly staple foods. Feel free to add any other leftover vegetables you might have to make this one your own!


Grab ingredients for easy family meals at SPAR

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