When it comes to snacking, it’s easy to grab for the nearest chocolate bar. Failing that, a biscuit, cake, brownie or muffin will usually do – but with New Year in full swing and resolutions starting to wobble, our 7 favourite healthy junk food swaps are here to get you through any slump. Discover tasty low carb snacks, healthy swaps you may never have thought of and some healthy homemade snacks you can throw in your lunch box or enjoy at home.


Healthy Snack Foods to Enjoy at Home or Work

#1. Apple and Peanut Butter

When it comes to healthy snack ideas, this one’s a firm favourite. Hear us out. Though not the most obvious combination, apple and peanut butter actually complement each other really well, in terms of nutrition and flavour. Plus, they will satisfy your sweet cravings with some more natural sugars. Combining the protein from peanuts and the fibre from apples, this is one of those snacks that are good for you and will keep you satisfied through to lunch – something that can’t be said for those mini donuts! Just don’t go overboard on the peanut butter, as non-natural butters can be high in calories.

Peanut Butter on Apple Slices

#2. Carrots and Hummus

Hummus is a great dipping snack for carrots, celery and bell peppers. Mix it up by choosing from a variety of different flavours, or keep it traditional. The choice is yours.  This simple low carb snack can actually take on the best of them when it comes to flavour if you choose the right combinations. Refreshing, healthy and low in calories – you can start to forget about the brownies already.

Houmous with Crudites

#3. Fruit Salad

Fruit salads are easy to make and customise, making it the perfect healthy homemade snack to bring variety to your diet every day. Berries, citrus fruits, banana, sliced, chopped, peeled – whatever and however you want your fruit salad is completely up to you. Combine in a juice or squash to give a touch of added flavour – or switch it up completely with added honey or Greek yoghurt. Chocolate pudding? No thanks.

Mixed Fruit Salad

#4. Crispbread and Cream Cheese

Crispbreads enter a whole new dimensions when you customise them with toppings. A popular flavour, cream cheese (and smoked salmon if you really want to push the boat out) offers a light, nutritious yet flavoursome snack to keep you going through the day. And for even more nutritional value, try crispbreads with oats and seeds.

Ricotta Cream Cheese on Crispbread

#5. Seed/Nut Mix

Serial snacker? You need some no-prep nibbles to keep you going through the day. A popular healthy swap for crisps as they are so easy to pick at, try some highly nutritious mixed nuts and seeds. Not too heavy, nuts and seeds are perfect for giving you something to push you along when you’re not full-blown hungry but just need something with crunch. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are great for a healthy munch, while peanuts, almonds and cashews are a great source of protein. Tell that to the M&Ms.

Seed and Nut Trail Mix

#6. Beef Jerky

The perfect answer for the carnivorous types who want to get their fix of meat in the day without having to enter the kitchen, beef jerky is a wholesome, flavoursome, high in protein and low carb snack. Perfect for snacking on and available in a number of different flavours, its high protein content also helps you to lose weight by not storing fat. Can a strawberry lace do that?

Beef Jerky

#7. Homemade Energy Balls

If you’ve made it this far, you might be ready to try your own healthy homemade snacks. Made with a mix of oats, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, honey, raisins and whatever else you want to add – you can make baked or non-baked energy balls for whatever your taste buds desire. High in protein and keeping you full and energised – they’re the perfect healthy snack food if you have prep time spare the night before. All of a sudden a cupcake just doesn’t seem the best choice.

Check out this great recipe video here https://youtu.be/OQADPAwGIiE.

Homemade Healthy Protein Balls

Healthy Snack Ideas and More at SPAR

With an idea for every day of the week, there’s no excuse not to try a few healthy swaps next time the cookies come calling. From sugar kicks to protein bursts, these healthy swaps will keep you going at any time of day, and come without any of the post-munch guilt.

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