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There are some flavour combos that work and some that don't. You wouldn’t eat chocolate with fish, would you? If you would, maybe this blog isn’t quite for you. Point being, there are some foods that go, and some that don’t. Food and drink pairings are no different, especially food and beer pairings. So, learn our four essential beer and food pairings for when you are in the pub, or at home and want some snacks with your pint, you can make the best beer and food coupling possible.

Assortment of Salty Snacks

Salty Snacks and Pilsner

From pretzels to crisps, nuts or pretty much any salty snack, there’s one beer in particular you should be keeping your eye on. Savoury munches pair well with Pilsners as they help to cleanse the palate and offer a crisp, refreshing relief against the saltiness. They pair well without combatting each other, so you can enjoy both together without washing away the saltiness of the snacks or diluting the flavours of the beer. Try it with our homemade sausage roll recipe, the flavour combo goes together like... well, salty snacks & pilsner. 

Spicy Mexican Chilli Dishes

Spicy Foods and Light Lager

When it comes to treating yourself to some of your favourite spicy food, you’ll want a beer that will combat the heat well without affecting the flavour of the food. Light Spanish (or Mexican) lagers have good hop content which helps to cut through the spices in the food while still letting the flavour of the beer come through. So, if you are theming you food & beer for Spanish night - Get the right beer to match with spicy tapas recipes and it will definitely help to enhance flavours within the food.

Rich Sausages and Meats

Rich Meats and Stout

This one is possibly one of the more well-known beer and food pairings. Rich meats and rich beers are a match made in heaven. This means very dark ales, or preferably stouts, are your go-to for rich meats like burgers, steaks or gamey meats. The combination of the sweetness and bitterness within the stout can enrich the strong taste of the meats – which is why it’s all about finding the right stout or ale for the right meat. 

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Icecream

Desserts and Fruit Based Beer

Not one of the most obvious of pairings, but get the right beer and you can pair it with your favourite brownie, ice cream or cheesecake. Sweet, fruit based beers complement rich, sugary flavours in fruit, chocolate and cream well – the same way dessert wines do. Try a sweet beer with your next dessert and you might find a combination of flavours you’ve never experienced before.


Are you pairing your beers with food or pairing food with beer?

Either way, next time you’re in the pub or even putting on a spread at home – take all you’ve learnt today and put it into practice to set taste buds alight like never before… or just to show off your new beer and food pairing skills.

Need to fuel along with your beer? Craving snacks, desserts and beer as bad as we are? Head down to your local convenience store to grab everything you need for a tasting experience to remember.