With winter coats and scarves making an appearance and the last few amber leaves clinging to the trees, it can only mean one thing. Bonfire night. And after all the fireworks, sparklers and Catherine Wheels, comes food. Chow down on one of our bonfire night recipe ideas for an explosive yet tasty 5th of November.

Macaroni Cheese

Originally an American classic, Macaroni Cheese is a tasty, filling, warming dish perfect for cooking up and serving out in batches. So whether you’re having a slightly more intimate bonfire night or inviting your whole address book, this bonfire party food is sure to go down well no matter how many people turn up. Simply mix cooked macaroni with your cheese sauce – made up of butter, flour, milk and cheese, and cook. Top with breadcrumbs for extra crunch! 

Chicken Stew

An autumn classic, chicken stew always goes down a teat, especially when you’ve got guests huddled up outside in need of some warmth. You can either use leftover chicken if you’ve some lying around from last night, or prepare some fresh thighs and legs. Simply fry up onions before browning the chicken and adding your potatoes, carrots and any other vegetables. Then add your stock and leave to cook, the longer the better. Ad chorizo for a smokier flavour, and serve with crusty bread. And if you don’t fancy chicken? Why not try our beef stew recipe instead!

Pumpkin Soup

We hope you’ve saved your pumpkins! When it comes to bonfire food ideas, Pumpkin soup is possibly even better than the carving. Combine onion, garlic, salt, pepper, water and chicken broth with boiled down pumpkin. For added flavour, you can also blend together boiled potatoes or sweet potatoes. To take your recipe up a notch, why not also provide a separate bowl of cream for people to drizzle on top after serving?

Chilli Con Carne

Never one to be missed off a bonfire night food ideas list, chilli con carne is a great way to get everybody together. Knowing how to make chilli is the easy part. Deciding how you’re going to serve it is where it gets difficult. With rice, in a jacket, or with accompanying wraps or nachos? Or going overboard and serving the whole lot up!


When it comes to bonfire party food ideas, you want hot, hearty, one-pot bonfire night recipes that can be dished out easily while enjoying the fireworks. Whether you’re going for meaty meals, vegetarian options or both – keep your guests’ plates full with bonfire night food ideas sure to impress. Grab everything you need from you nearest convenience store or check out our recipes for more inspiration.