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Why Cooking Together for Valentine’s Day is Romantic

Okay. Before we begin, let’s dispel a myth. Are you ready…?

Cooking together isn’t stressful. It won’t result in an argument. It isn’t a fast track to sleeping on the couch.

Phew. That’s better.

The notion that cooking together is guaranteed to wind up in either a) bitter conflict or b) comedic farce is likely driven by TV sitcoms (we’re looking at you, Friends), but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

No, in reality, cooking together is a uniquely intimate, rewardingly low-key way to spend some quality time as a couple. And cooking together for Valentine’s Day…? Well, that’s just a recipe for romance.

Couple cooking together

Cooking Together: The Case For

So, with that in mind, the cherubs at SPAR have taken a moment from playing matchmaker and shared with us their insight on the romantic benefits of cooking together on Valentine’s Day.


Life moves quickly. How often have you struggled to squeeze in quality time with your partner amidst the seemingly never-ending barrage of tasks that eat up our schedules?

As such, it’s vital that we mark time in our calendars to, y’know… be together. And that, for us, is what Valentine’s Day is really for, a dedicated evening for quality time.

And that’s where cooking together on Valentine’s Day shines.

No TV. No phones. No emails. Just the two of you, sharing the space, making something together.

It’s romance in its most distilled form.


Truthfully, the act of cooking together is more important than what you cook together. And it carries that most quintessential of romantic benefits: conversation.

We spend a lot of time plugged into others’ lives, whether on social media or TV. And, as such, we can be guilty of ignoring what’s in front of us.

Cooking together changes that. You have to communicate. And if you opt for one of the easier Valentine’s Day meals to cook together, you’ll be able to relax and lose yourselves in conversation.

Whether nostalgic conversation about your time together or flirtatious banter as you prepare your meal, cooking together is less about what you cook, and more about talking as you do it.

And there is nothing more romantic than that.

No Distractions

Here, for your review, is a list of potential distractions from a Valentine’s Day restaurant outing:

  • Overly talkative waiting staff
  • Teenagers huddled around phones
  • Ambient noise (chatter, chairs scraping, children yelling)
  • Seasonal spike in marriage proposals

And so on.

Fortunately, none of these distractions can intrude on an evening cooking together (except maybe the marriage proposal, but that’s up to you). And, as such, you’re free to simply… lose yourself in each other; letting everything else become background noise.

Couple talking

What to Cook for Valentine’s Day

Okay. So we’ve (hopefully) sold you on the romantic notion of cooking together on Valentine’s Day. But what on earth do you cook for Valentine’s Day?

Truthfully? Anything you like!

Cooking together on Valentine’s Day is about time spent as a couple. So don’t feel obligated to make so-called ‘romantic meals’. It all comes down to context.

Honestly, making macaroni cheese can be as romantic as preparing a three-course banquet if the mood is right.

So don’t concern yourself too much with what to cook for Valentine’s Day, and instead focus on the time spent cooking it. Even if your stab at homemade fondue is an unmitigated disaster, the memory you make in attempting to make it will join many, many more in your shared history together.

And what could be more romantic than that?

Prepping before cooking together

And so we rest our case. Cooking together for Valentine’s Day is a top-drawer romantic activity. Maybe don’t mention the washing up.

We’ve got a plethora of perfect recipes for a couple to make (and make romantic) together, as well as inspiration for last-minute Valentine’s ideas in our blog.

Be sure to pop into your local SPAR to pick up everything you need for your romantic meal. And sign up to our E-Newsletter for regular updates, recipes and competitions.

Happy Valentine’s Day.