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He’s always been a great source of comfort, so make him something warm and comforting for his Father’s Day dinner. Our Father’s Day recipes have been carefully selected to give you options that transport him back to his childhood, combine his favourite flavours and offer a sweet taste of summer – something for every deserving dad. Our Father’s Day dinner recipes will ensure that your day with your Dad is well spent, not to mention tickling his taste buds! If you really want to impress dad, what about firing up the BBQ? We've got everything covered from a low & slow Ribs recipe to a whole host of veggie ideas, pop into your local SPAR to pick up all the ingredients you might need.  

Whiskey Steak Father’s Day Recipe

Father’s Day Dinner: Whiskey Steak

Steak your claim as his favourite with this Father’s Day recipe. If Dad worships whiskey and is a sucker for a piece of steak, this tops our list of meals to cook for Father’s Day. Choose his favourite cut and cook it to his liking, then whack it on the BBQ and serve it with this rich and warming whiskey sauce for steak.

Containing diced onions, beef stock, salt, pepper, full cream and butter, as well as his favourite tipple, this is a decadent twist on his favourite meal – especially when served with chunky chips and sautéed mushrooms. Cook the onions with the butter in a pan over a medium heat, once brown, turn off the heat and pour in the whiskey. Once evaporated, turn the heat back on and add beef stock, salt and pepper – let this reduce by half and then whisk in your cream and let it simmer and thicken. A definite winner for a Father’s Day dinner.

Father’s Day Recipe for Pulled Pork Burgers

A Pulled Pork Burger for His Father’s Day Meal

Here’s that taste of summer we promised – pulled pork burgers. There’s a variety of Father’s Day meal ideas out there, but if your dad loves a bit of American culture, he’ll no doubt be a fan of pulled pork. This Father’s Day recipe is perfect to serve out on the patio with a pint or bottle of his favourite beer, surrounded by his loved ones on his special day.

We recommend using pork shoulder for pulled pork, as you need tender meat that is easy to shred and pull. Sear the meat on all sides in a non-stick pan before placing on a wire rack roasting tin. Mix mustard seeds, garlic and black pepper with barbecue sauce and brush all over the meat. Add a cup of water to a roasting tin, cover with foil and cook for 5 hours on 130 degrees (or use your slow cooker if you have one). When ready, drain the juices, pull and shred the meat then serve in a burger bun.

Roast Chicken Father’s Day Meal

Cheers To Dad, With Easy Roast Chicken

If you were wondering what to cook on Father’s Day this year, don’t look too far! Our Father’s Day dinner recipes include basic steps so that the kids can chip in too! This is a really simple classic that they will no doubt enjoy along with dad at the dinner table.

Take a whole chicken and ask your little helper(s) to remove the string. Simply place 1 whole lemon cut in half into the cavity of the chicken along with 2 garlic cloves. Then let them get their hands mucky by smearing butter all over the outside of the bird. Take some salad potatoes and diced carrots and add them to bowl, toss with oil and then layer around the chicken in a roasting tin. Cook on 180 degrees for 30 minutes and then stir the veg before returning to the oven for another 50 minutes.

Then, for a special Father’s Day twist, remove the chicken and the veg from the tin, using tongs, retrieve the lemon halves and garlic from the centre of the chicken and add to the tin, mashing them down to release all the juices. Add some chicken stock and some soy sauces, mix together and then pour into a sieve to make a jug of lemon sauce to go along with the perfectly cooked chicken and veg.

Shepherd’s Pie Father’s Day Recipe

A Veggie Father’s Day Recipe: Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

Looking for some vegetarian Father’s Day dinner recipes? It can be hard choosing what to cook on Father’s Day if Dad isn’t a meat lover, but this vegetarian twist on a British classic is perfect for the most patriotic of fathers.

Instead of lamb, replace the meat with chunky carrots which don’t lose their texture when cooked. Fry up some onions and add your carrots, red wine, water and tomatoes then sprinkle in vegetable stock cubes before simmering for 10 minutes. Add lentils and simmer for a further 10 minutes so that the carrots retain their firm texture.

Boil up some potatoes, mash them with butter and season. Then spoon your vegetable stew into a pie dish, top with the mashed potatoes and cheese. Heat the oven to 170 degrees, bake for 20 minutes and then serve with broccoli. Choosing what to cook on Father’s Day has never been simpler with this veggie twist!

Father's Day Brunch Ideas

Missed the boat for breakfast or just letting Dad have a lie in? Why not treat him to one of these Father’s Day brunches:

  • Eggs Benedict: Ideal as a Father’s Day breakfast or brunch, eggs benedict is quick, easy and oh so delicious. Prepped in just five minutes and ready to eat in 15, get cracking with this delicious Father’s Day meal.
  • American style pancakes: This Father’s Day recipe leaves nothing to be desired. Who doesn’t want to tuck into light, fluffy pancakes? Sprinkle on Dad’s favourite toppings for a real morning treat!
  • English Muffins:  A classic dish, this Father’s Day breakfast can be as fancy or as simple as you’d like. Try adding bacon, eggs or sausages to these gorgeously simple muffins.
  • Salmon and scrambled eggs: Looking for unusual Father’s Day brunch ideas? You’re in the right place. For a real taste of luxury in the morning, why not try your hand at this effortless meal?
  • Cinnamon rolls: Has Dad got a sweet tooth? These Cinnamon rolls will delight everyone on Father’s Day morning. Serve with a gorgeous hot coffee or an exotic for that little extra flourish.
  • Spanish omelette: Start the day off strong with a Spanish omelette full of all of Dad’s favourite fillings. Don’t forget to season this Father’s Day meal, and for an extra zing, add a pinch of garlic salt to the eggs before adding them to the frying pan. You’ll thank us later!

Grab Your Ingredients for Father’s Day Recipes From SPAR

There you have it – our best Father’s Day recipes to give your deserving dad one of the best Father’s Day meals to remember. Don’t forget to pick up all your ingredients from your nearest SPAR store.

Blow your Dad away with one of our Father’s Day recipes, guaranteed to not only fill his stomach, but his heart too. Love these Father’s Day recipes? For more foodie inspiration and top kitchen tips, sign up to our E-newsletter.