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Eggy bread, Bombay toast, Gypsy toast. Along with its many different names come a number of variations of making French toast. Whether you want to keep things simple or add an array of seasonings for a fuller flavour – learn the best way to cook French toast with SPAR.

Choosing Bread for French Toast

The Bread

So, what’s the best bread to use for French toast?  The beauty of this breakfast favourite is its versatility, meaning the choice is yours – either keep it simple by using plain brown or white bread, or  try something a little more adventurous. Using brioche or challah makes a perfect foundation for French toast, soaking up the eggy mixture without collapsing.

Slice thickness is also important when making French toast – if the bread is too thin, you risk the bread falling apart when meeting the mixture. Cut it to your preference, but it’s argued the ideal thickness should be 3/4" to 1" thick. Also remember, the drier the bread, the better it will soak up your mixture, so try using bread that has been open for a few days for the best results.

Eggs and Whisk

The Egg Mixture

The egg mixture is key to the final flavour of your breakfast meal. Avoid over coating your bread and achieving a ‘scrambled-egg’ flavour by rationing 1 egg per 2-slices of bread. To go for a slightly weaker taste, you can remove the whites and simply whisk together the yolks, then add 1/4 cup of milk to achieve the right consistency for your mixture.

Alternatively, use corn starch with your milk instead of eggs to create your mixture. Your milk does not have to be whole-fat dairy either: choose rice or almond milk with your corn starch to create vegan French toast.

Sugar and Cinnamon

The Seasoning

Season your French toast with whatever flavour you desire. For a traditional French toast style, use vanilla, sugar and cinnamon, perhaps topped with maple syrup. Berries or summer fruits are also a great additional choice and can reinvent your French toast.

For specifically making eggy bread, the difference would come down to the seasoning: switch cinnamon and sugar for salt and pepper, using salted butter and even adding a pinch of mixed herbs for more of a savoury taste.

How to Make French Toast

How To Serve French Toast

Now you know how to make French toast, the next step is to serve it. To create something a little more special, add berries and ice cream to give it a sweet, summery twist.

For a savoury taste, simply add pecans to your toast, or for more of an adventurous bite, make your French toast with bacon and Nutella. For a more traditional breakfast treat, create a toad-in-the-hole effect with baked egg in the middle.


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However you’re making French toast, find everything you need for your next breakfast treat from your nearest local store.