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Pulled Pork Buns

There are some dishes that are never better outside our own kitchen. Lasagne, casserole, Mum’s famous roast dinner. But on the other end of the spectrum there are those more adventurous dishes and bakes we often dare not attempt – lobster, soufflé, homemade croissants! But somewhere in the middle sit some all-time favourites that everyone loves but nobody tries, that are actually pretty easy, as long as you’ve got the know-how.

Want to know how to make pulled pork once and for all? Find our take below and you’ll be serving it up in brioche buns with a side of slaw in no time.

Cooking Pulled Pork

When we said it was easy, we didn’t mean there wasn’t any preparation involved. Cooking pulled pork isn’t the kind of dish you do on a whim on a Thursday evening after spin class – it’s more a process for the weekend when you’ve got that extra time to cook it low and slow as required. So, what will you need?

Pork – how to choose the right cut

When it comes to your cut, you’ve got a few options. Some go for neck, but shoulder is preferred, as it has just the right amount of fat to achieve the tenderness you’re looking for. With it being a tougher cut, there’s really only one way to cook it, as long as you’ve got the time. You can go for boneless for an easier pull and a quicker cook, but bone-in joints often provide a touch more flavour.

Pork Shoulder Seasoning

Rub – how to prepare pulled pork

Again, you can choose your preferred options here, but traditional rubs stick to salt, paprika and brown sugar. You can go more exotic if you’re feeling up to it – why not dial up the heat and add mustard powder, chilli, black pepper or garlic?

How To Cook Pulled Pork in 6 Steps

Okay, so you’ve got your ingredients. What now? Knowing how to do pulled pork is simply a case of patience. Once you’ve put the work in, as long as you know how to relax, all you have to do is wait.

Step 1
Pre-heat the oven to between 130° - 150°.

Step 2
If your pork cut has skin, it’s up to you whether or not you want to remove it. Some prefer to cut it off and crisp up separately for crackling, where others like to keep it on. If you do keep it on, score lightly.

Step 3
Drizzle a little olive oil before rubbing your meat with your spice mix.

Step 4
Sear the pork in a large roasting dish to ever so slightly crisp up the edges.

Step 5
Take off the hob, fill dish with a broth, stock or water about half way up. Place in the oven, covered, and leave for 4 hours.

Step 6
Remove from the oven and pull!

Pulled Pork

How To Pull Pork

There’s nothing worse than putting all the time and effort into a slow cooked joint of pork and then failing at the last hurdle. After all, it’s not quite homemade pulled pork until you’ve actually pulled it.

If cooked correctly, it’s difficult to get this part wrong – but there is a preferred method. Simply take two forks – never a knife – and pull apart from the centre. When it comes to homemade pulled pork, the size of your pieces is completely up to you.

Some prefer a few chunkier pieces to really sink their teeth into, where others prefer a completely shredded joint. Once it’s done, it’s up to you how you use it. The classic calls for a brioche bun and a side of coleslaw, but you can add it to fried rice, stir fries or even pasta for a twist on your latest creation.

And there you have it – how to make perfect pulled pork.


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