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Figuring out which foods are good for us can feel overwhelming, but the reality is that many of the things we already consume could be much better for us if we cooked them a little differently. To support you in your healthier food choices, we have some helpful suggestions for the best way to cook everyday ingredients.

Healthiest Ways To Cook

From grilling and roasting to boiling and poaching, there are a number of different methods to cook your favourite meals. But which is the best for which foods?

The Healthiest Ways to Cook Potatoes

The humble potato seems to take on limitless forms, from the yummy jacket spud to the more decadent dauphinoise. Both are wonderfully delicious, but the jacket potato has the potential to be significantly healthier for us. There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence from time to time, but for regular meals, the best way to cook a potato is to bake, steam or boil them. Don’t forget that if you load up your baked potato with butter or cheese, it may start to become an indulgence again.

And while we all love a bag of hot chips fresh from the fryer, this cooking technique means the potato absorbs all the oil around them. If you really do fancy some chips, try oven-baking homemade potato wedges and season them generously for extra flavour! Simple cooking methods like baking instead of frying in lots of oil will radically reduce your calorie intake and lead to a much healthier lifestyle.

The Best Ways to Cook Vegetables

When it comes to the healthiest way to cook vegetables, there are lots of options. If you are a fan of Chinese foods, then simple stir fries with minimal oil would be an ideal cooking method. Handfuls of bean sprouts, carrots, mangetout and red cabbage also make for a very vibrant and vitamin filled dish!

One of the best ways to cook vegetables, however, could be the traditional roast. As the weekend draws close, many of us long for the perfect Sunday roast. Root vegetables like parsnips and sweet potato are delicious with a little honey or paprika. Or, why not get a little more experimental and use some Moroccan spices to roast a whole cauliflower? This is also the perfect main if you are vegetarian or vegan. Just remember to keep oil to a minimum!

The Healthiest Ways to Cook Meat

Chicken is one the most popular meats in the UK, and there are many ways to cook it – but what are the healthiest ways to cook the bird? Firstly, we will want to take a hint from the potato and avoid frying. Spicy fried chicken is extremely tasty but it absorbs a large amount of oil and that's a big no for everyday eating. Baking is a great way to recreate this tasty dish - and why not serve it on a bed of mixed salad to get some extra vitamins and nutrients into your body? If you are cooking for a few of your friends, then a spicy chicken salad is a great treat, perfect for casual dinners whilst binging on the latest instalment on Netflix.

Dependent on which cuts you buy, meats like beef and pork can be lean or high in fat. If you are feeling a little more creative in the kitchen, why not try cutting the beef or pork into cubes and marinating them in some garlic, ginger and soy sauce? Then, after they have soaked up the delicious marinade, add them alongside some peppers to skewers and set them under the grill. Any excess fats will drain out of the meat but the marinade will keep the meat moist and tasty!


There is no need to get overwhelmed with foods you can’t pronounce while trying to live a healthier lifestyle. If you use the basic cooking techniques above, you can eat everyday foods and remain healthy. The healthiest way to cook can often also be the most delicious. The key to feeling good and living healthily is to be prepared, and opt for a balanced lifestyle with lots of whole foods, regular exercise and plenty of water.

Ready to try out your new cooking methods to create some healthy food recipes? Drop by your nearest convenience store to pick up some delicious, guilt-free ingredients!