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Barbeque Garden Party

BBQ Essentials

The summer season is officially here, yep we're calling it! Temperatures  are expected to rise over the next few weeks sparking the nation to dust off their BBQs and get their friends and family round for a great British tradition!

So, how can you host a great BBQ? Planning weeks in advance is a great idea… if you live in Australia. But in the UK, where we have to wear sunglasses and wellies at the same time, it pays to be a bit more spontaneous. As soon as there’s a break in the clouds get the grill fired up pick up everything you need for an instant BBQ. We have complied some handy advice that will help you make the most of the moment!

Tempt Your Friends with Food Photos


You’ll be surprised how many people will say yes to a last minute BBQ. Get a WhatsApp or Facebook group going as soon as you decide to throw your BBQ. If this doesn't spark their attention get on the phone and call round any non-respondents.

*Send pics of delicious BBQ food to tempt your mates, and remember to let them know it’s BYOB.

Assortment of Barbeque Meats Available at Spar

BBQ Food!

What's the key to having an stress free BBQ? Preparation! Ease those hosting day nerves, prepare as much as you can the night before. Add some real flavour to your foods, marinate meats, prep any fruits and veg you’ll need. Ideally, the only foods left to make on the day are the ones being cooked on the grill. Get a little help from your friends, ask them to bring a side or some fresh meat for the grill. If this is a stretch, ask them to bring ice! 

The British weather can be somewhat temperamental so prep may go out the window to capitalise on the sun! SPAR has everything you need to suit every budget. Grab some of our prepared BBQ and picnic selections and get on the grill!

Don't neglect the sides! Contrary to the Simpsons, you do in fact make friends with salad! So don't ignore them! While it's easy to focus on the main  meats for the grill, side dishes are just as important, especially if you have vegetarians in your friendship group. 

Simple Summer Cocktails


Nothing beats sitting in the sun with a cold drink. Stocking up on beer and wine is quick and easy solution satisfy your guests. But if you want to make your BBQ memorable, why not select a special drink to master for your serve guests? Try one of these 4 simple summer cocktails to put your stamp on your BBQ. 

SPAR always has great deals on wines, beers and spirits, and if you want to try something extra special, we’ve got our own range of superb award winning drinks too. 

*Don’t forget! Provide some alternative drinks for the designated drivers and kids, make up some mocktails or go for the quick option of squash with sparkling water, ice and a slice or two of fruit.

Ice Creams and Ice Lollies Will Cool You Down


Keep dessert nice and simple, cool your guests down with some refreshing ice creams. Don't break the bank, if you've been able to keep them cold then your onto a winner! We recommend getting a range of the classics and our award winning SPAR Peanut Butter Ice Cream. There's nothing like a little indulgent treat after a BBQ feast!

Play Summer Tunes on a Portable Speaker

Set the mood - Lighting & Music

Get creative or master the basics, a few touches go a long way! Cover your tables with cloth, add some rugs for extra seating. Bring out your old fairy lights or add a few tealights and place them in jam jars (or glasses) to create a chilled atmosphere for the evening. Line up some BBQ/summer playlists on Spotify so no one is tempted to play their rendition of wonderwall! If you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker, put your phone in a pint glass for instant amplification. Simple!