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f, like us, you begin preparing your Christmas dinner checklist months in advance – from your Christmas dinner menu to your chosen festive tipples - you’ll likely agree that Christmas dinner is main even of the yuletide calendar. But with so many plates to keep spinning, both the preparation and cooking can be daunting – especially if it’s your first time doing so. Fortunately, SPAR is there for you this festive season, and we come prepared with a Christmas dinner checklist for the ages; meaning an easy Christmas dinner needn’t be a pipe dream.

Our ultimate Christmas dinner list includes tips, tweaks, and hints for everything from curating your must-have Christmas food list to ideas for festive desserts; meaning you can check off your progress as you go, thus avoiding any burnt birds or rock-hard sprouts. How to make Christmas dinner is a seasonal artform, so if you’re looking to learn know how to make a Christmas dinner properly, you’ve come to the right place. Get your Christmas dinner checklist in order with SPAR. 

Download our checklist here.

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How to prepare Christmas dinner pre-Christmas Day

Wondering how to prepare Christmas dinner? Then your first lesson is good time management (an essential for every entry of our Christmas dinner checklist). Don’t fall prey to the common pitfall of last-minute preparation. After all, your Christmas food list is meticulously planned ahead, why should your preparations be any different? There are several things you need to prep in good time first, so ensure you and your kitchen are well equipped with the following Christmas dinner checklist items.

And should you think of any additional Christmas dinner list items, share that festive goodwill on social media! We’re in this together.


The road to an easy Christmas dinner is paved with good kitchenware. After all, even the best chefs in the world require the right tools for the job. From carving knives to measuring jugs, make sure you have the right kit with our extensive list of kitchenware for Christmas dinner ideas.

kitchenware for your Christmas dinner list

Cutlery and serving ware

Nobody wants to be eating chicken with a spoon, so make sure you have enough cutlery. Bonus Christmas Dinner List Tip: If you’re serving a starter and main, that means two sets of knives and forks per person

Other things to keep in mind when making your Christmas dinner checklist are gravy boats, wine glasses and serving bowls for the veg. Still with us? Good. Next, you’ll be needed food to put on those plates, so let’s explore some ideas for your Christmas dinner menu, shall we?

The Fridge

Before you can think about making an easy Christmas dinner, you first must have ample storage for its sum parts. The bird needs to be stored somewhere. Fridge or freezer, make sure you’ve got enough space for everything on your Christmas food list, even if it means devouring the last of the ice cream. Worried about your fresh food turning rotten before the big day? Find out how to store food safely in our blog to avoid those last-minute issues.


Shopping for Christmas Food List Essentials

How to make Christmas dinner like a pro: Your Christmas dinner checklist

 Okay. So, it’s Christmas food list time, and we’ve covered the essentials; those non-negotiable, seasonal favourite Christmas dinner list items. That said, tastes are subjective, so feel free to tweak as necessary. 

That aside, our advice is to figure out what you want from our Christmas dinner checklist and write down what you need – that way you can save yourself the hassle of having to decide when you’re out shopping! But what, exactly, do you want on your Christmas food list? Traditional Christmas dinner ideas may call for a certain type of meat or veg, but today there’s a lot of choice available. See? An easy Christmas dinner is in sight!

Psst… no time to make that Christmas dinner list? We’ve created the ultimate Christmas dinner checklist for you – just download and go!

On the plate

And we’re firmly into Christmas dinner checklist main event territory! But which items are essential to your Christmas food list? Turkey or ham? Beef or lamb? And when it comes to veg, what do you choose to accompany your favourite Brussels sprouts – cabbage, broccoli, or both? From greens to roots, preference is key, but just make sure you have enough to go around when planning your Christmas food list; those dinning from your Christmas dinner menu will thank you for it.

In the glass

Not to be outdone by their plate-based Christmas dinner list cousins, drinks can share centre stage when it comes to your Christmas dinner. From award-winning SPAR Perlezza Prosecco to a fine selection of champagne – nothing washes down a traditional Christmas dinner better than a bit of bubbly. For a softer choice, our award-winning SPAR wine selection also has something for everyone.

Delicious Mince Pies


And we’re over the mountain! By this point, the promise of an easy Christmas dinner has been delivered on, but, as you know, there’s always room for more. And, while not part of the main Christmas dinner checklist, it’s always wise to factor which desserts you’d like to include in your Christmas dinner list ahead of time.

Whether you’re content with one or crave a selection to go around, SPAR’s selection of dessert recipes includes everything from apple crumble and mince pies to cinnamon rolls. Or, if you run out of time - pick up a pack of our award-winning Luxury Mince Pies - last seen wowing the judges and scooping the top prize at both the BBC Good Food Taste Awards 2021 & Olive magazine supermarket Taste Awards. 

What now?

Still wondering how to make a Christmas dinner? It’s all about prioritising, so create your Christmas dinner list and work out what you need to do on Christmas Eve, as well as what can wait until Christmas day. Once youre psyched up and prepared for the big day, remember that it’s all about timing and performance. Stick to the recommended schedule in our Beginners’ Christmas Dinner Checklist, and all should go smoothly.

And there you have it – a complete list of Christmas dinner ideas to ensure your day runs smoothly. Find everything you need when preparing for Christmas dinner in our downloadable Christmas food list above, and stay one step ahead this year. Check out our Christmas offers for more festive deals to make your first time hosting the holiday extra special. Sign up to our E-Newsletter for all the fun and festive information you need.