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Pancakes - a simple food whose strengths lie in its flexibility. And there is no occasion worth celebrating that can hide from the humble pancake. But whether you like fluffy American style or classic crêpes, the best bit, of course, is in the pancake toppings! Whether your diet is gluten-free, vegan or you literally eat anything, there are lots of options to choose from for the perfect pancake topping. The big question is... Do you go sweet or savoury? Here’s our guide to the best creative pancake topping ideas!

Lemon and Sugar Pancake Topping

1. The Original Pancake Topping

If you talk to your parents, chances are their idea of the best pancake topping is as simple as it comes. The original lemon and sugar might seem a bit boring when you’re scrolling through all those delicious Instagram photos and Pinterest pancakes, but don’t be fooled. This pancake topping idea is the reserved option in a world of excess and is as easy as they come. When you don’t want to overwhelm your senses and you’re looking for a lighter snack, ‘The Original’ never fails to hit the spot. Trying to avoid processed sugar? Opt for unrefined options like coconut sugar or maple syrup instead.

Spiced Apple Pancake Topping

2. The Tantalising Spiced Apple Pancake Topping

There’s nothing more warming on a cold day than the smell of spiced apple on the stove. The best spiced apple contains cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, and is stewed slowly to combine the flavours. This delicious topping strikes the perfect balance of sweet and sharp and is one of the most creative pancake toppings you can have on a winter's evening.

Nutella and Banana Pancake Topping

3. The Super Sweet Nutella and Banana Pancake Topping

Forget peanut butter and jam – that’s toast! If you’re looking for yummy indulgence, then Nutella sauce and sliced bananas are pancake breakfast heaven. This sweet pancake filling delights our chocolate cravings, gives us a fruity kick and delivers a delicious nutty taste, all in one mouthful. To make the Nutella sauce, heat up some milk and gradually whisk into a couple of tablespoons of Nutella until it’s thin enough to drizzle over pancakes.

Garlic, Spinach and Chicken Savoury Pancake Topping

4. The Creamy Garlic, Spinach and Chicken Savoury Pancake Topping

When it’s time to think of savoury pancake toppings, we look to France. This Parisian inspired savoury pancake topping idea contains a creamy concoction of garlic, spinach, and chicken to fill up your bellies and tantalize your taste buds. For those of you that recoil at the uber sweet pancake accompaniments, this savoury pancake topping delivers more filling and more flavour!

Spicy Savoury Pancake Toppings

5. The Spicy Savoury Pancake Topping

We love a good curry and we love pancakes, so this spicy, savoury pancake filling is our idea of food heaven – and you can choose any type of curry you like to suit your tastes. Keep it vegan with a chickpea masala or add some heat with Jalfrezi. Either way, it’s a great way to get creative with pancake toppings on curry night. When it comes to the best creative pancake toppings - the spicy one has crept into our favourites! And if you’re feeling a little more experimental, try making a traditional dosa – an Indian pancake made with fermented batter. Want more savoury pancake suggestions? Click here for our top five savoury toppings

Still wondering what’s best? Visit your nearest convenience store for all the creative pancake toppings you need to find some more inspiration, or sign up to our E-Newsletter to find out more. The only question left to ask is…sweet or savoury? Let your taste buds decide!