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SPAR Wholesalers

522 combined years of service across our five wholesale businesses. That's a lot of experience for your store. 

SPAR is a transformational symbol retailer supported by five wholesale businesses across the UK. Our independent SPAR wholesaler network focuses only on SPAR independent retailers and local business partners who understand your needs.

They provide year-round excellent service to independent retailers and consumers. They continually work together and learn from each other. All our wholesalers are supported by SPAR UK Ltd who work to drive many national benefits including national marketing, leading supply chain, competitive promotions, retail solutions and cost savings. Working with SPAR UK along with a regional wholesale group means you can enjoy tailored benefits that will drive sales in your local market offering competitive value.


SPAR offers all the support you need to succeed. Find out more about the many benefits joining SPAR brings and register your interest.

Own A Store & Join SPAR today

SPAR is the symbol group in the UK supported by five regional distribution centres.

Celebrating 10 years of consecutive growth, today more convenience store shoppers consider SPAR stores as a destination to purchase their groceries ahead of other symbol groups (YouGov Shopper Research Q1 2020).

SPAR offers all the support you need to succeed. Read more about the many benefits joining SPAR brings...