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Palm Oil

All the palm oil used in SPAR brand products is sustainably sourced.

Palm oil is an important ingredient in some products, contributing to the taste, heat stability and texture of the food.  The oil comes from the fruit of the palm tree, it has a higher yield than other oils from the same amount of land, meaning you can grow much more oil in less space. The oil contains very little trans fatty acids which can contribute to high cholesterol and can be used to replace butter in some products which, therefore, contain less saturated fat.

100% of the palm oil we use in SPAR brand products is sustainably sourced and certified by the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).  RSPO set the environmental and social standards for sustainably sourcing palm oil and issue certificates to show the ingredients we use do not contribute to deforestation.  Environmental charities such as WWF confirm that it is preferable to push for more sustainable palm oil rather than a total boycott.

We are committed to sourcing only RSPO certified palm oil for SPAR brand products.