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Bringing value to your doorstep with a fantastic range of household essentials for just £1.25.

Amazing value deals at just £1.25

The start of the year can be tough. After the excitement (and expense) of Christmas, January seems never-ending! At SPAR we’re there for you with amazing value deals at just £1.25, perfect for filling up those cupboards. As well as fantastic deals you can visit your local SPAR knowing that we’ve got you covered with low prices on those everyday essentials. 

Plus, we’ve got some great recipes and food hacks to help your food shop go further.  

Featured Recipes

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Food Hacks!

After a busy Christmas, anything that saves time and money gets the thumbs up from us - especially in January, the longest month ever! Simple food hacks can make your meals stretch further and save you time. Give some of these a go and get your healthy eating New Year's resolution off to a great start! 

Add more veg

Adding grated vegetable such as carrots and courgettes into stews, Bolognese and chilli con carne is a great way to stretch your meals further. Plus – it’s a great way to increase your daily veggie intake. Leftover vegetables can also be chopped up and added to most dishes to avoid food waste.

Zero food waste

There are so many ways to reduce your food waste. Overripe fruit can be frozen and used up in smoothies. Leftover vegetables and cuttings can be used to make vegetable stock or a trivet for your roast dinner. Don’t throw away stale bread, make breadcrumbs – they make a delicious crunchy topping for a variety of dishes.

Batch cook

Batch cooking is a great way to save time and money. Dishes like pasta and noodles can be made in larger quantities, perfect for lunch the next day. For something like a tomato sauce, you can double or triple the ingredients and freeze the extra portions for later use. You can also do the same with batches of fried onions or white sauce.

SPAR essentials at £1.25 or less

Head to your local SPAR for great value on your doorstep every day. SPAR brand provides you with high-quality products at budget-friendly prices.

Whether it's squash or tuna, SPAR stocks all your store cupboard essentials, plus a wide selection of fresh and frozen foods to keep your refrigerator and freezer fully stocked.