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Easy Pancake Recipe

Easy Pancake Recipe

Everything is batter with pancakes, follow our easy recipe to make sure your pancakes don't fall flat. These pancakes will be flippin' delicious!

At a Glance


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Prep Time:

5 min

Cooking Time:

10 min

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The great thing about French pancakes is that they are great with sweet or savoury flavours, so whether you fancy ham & cheese or the classic lemon & sugar pancakes, this recipe works perfectly either way!

What you'll need:

  • 115g plain flour 
  • 225ml milk 
  • 75ml water 
  • pinch salt 
  • 3 eggs 
  • 50g butter 


  • Lemon & Sugar
  • Chocolate chips & Strawberries
  • Golden Syrup 
  • Peanut Butter & Banana 
  • Cheese & ham 
  • Anything you fancy! 


1. Sift the flour into a large bowl and crack the eggs into the middle. Whisk together with the salt.

2. Mix the milk / water together and slowly add to the bowl, whisking as you go. Any lumps should disappear as you whisk, and make sure to scrape the sides! 

3. Once smooth, melt the butter in a large pan. Add the majority of it to the batter, using the rest to grease the bottom. 

4. Using a ladle, scoop some batter into the pan and swirl it around, you should cover the bottom of the pan but not too thickly! 

5. After 30seconds or so, flip the pancake over using a fish slice or spatula. After 10seconds or so on the other side, tip onto a plate and begin the process again! 

6. You can keep the pancakes warm in the oven while you make the rest. Once you are finished cooking the pancakes, grab which ever toppings you prefer and enjoy! 

So now you know how to create flippin' delicious French style pancakes. This classic Pancake Day recipe is perfect with lemon & sugar or get as creative as you like with your choice of toppings! Pick up the ingredients for your thin pancakes from your local SPAR. On a baking spree? Sign up to our E-newsletter for some more delicious surprises – from seasonal recipes and guides, to our latest deals and competitions.

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