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As a nation, our taste buds have changed over the last half a century. Due to globalisation, technology and a better understanding of exactly what it is we’re eating – we are now a nation obsessed with food. But what do food trends over the years tell us about how this has changed? Explore food trends by decade below to find out…

Download our 6 Decades of Food Trends Infographic

60s Food: Instant Hits

The 60s saw the rise of instant foods as practicality took over in the kitchen for a nation considered time-poor. Powdered replacements for staple favourites like mash potato and the introduction of Angel Delight saw a revolution in the way household’s ‘cooked’. Suddenly, cooking was quicker, easier and much more accessible.

Cheese Fondue

70s Food: Sharing’s Caring

Anyone for fondue? Sharing meals were the trending 70s party food. As the public went mad for being able to dip bread in boiling hot cheese, sharing dishes changed the way food was served. Soon came the classic-to-be prawn cocktail, while the black forest gateau and arctic roll was on the menu for dessert.

Pizza Delivery in Box

80s Food: Global Influences

With globalisation in full swing, our eyes were open to new foods never tasted before. Pizza skyrocketed in popularity due to a certain team of teenage mutant ninja turtles and the nation’s Friday favourites, Indian and Chinese takeaway, soon followed suit. In turn, these global food trends inspired easy substitutes within supermarkets to gain popularity significantly.

Download our 6 Decades of Food Trends Infographic

90s Food: Lite Relief

Food Trends in the 90s were a result of us starting to question our food choices further. Fat-free and ‘lite’ versions of our favourites started to hit the stores. Spawning the start of our love affair with healthy food were lite crisps, diet drinks and low-fat cheese.

Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

00s Food: Health Kick

After we discovered that fat-free versions contained a not too dissimilar substitute, we started to look for alternatives that really were healthy. An increase in the desire for fruit, vegetables and all things organic opened the doors for quinoa, kale, and super-smoothies.

Fried Chicken on Waffles

10s Food: Crazy Concoctions

Bacon with pancakes? Chicken with waffles? Salt with caramel? The upward trend of sweet savoury concoctions grew significantly in the 2010’s, with our current food trends influenced by the likes of food-pic obsessed Instagrammers and gastro-genius, Heston Blumenthal. As such, bacon in particular has enjoyed a healthy resurgence, being added to everything from doughnuts to milkshakes. Oh and any recipe including avocado, sweet potato, or peanut butter is also a definite yes.


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