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If you’re reading this with slightly blurred vision, a severe headache, and a dry mouth, your self-diagnosis was correct – you do indeed have a hangover.  Sank too many drinks on the sofa last night? A trip to the pub lasted a little longer than you thought? We don’t blame you. But now it’s time to pick up the best hangover food, pop  a film on and relax while you’re recovering with some hangover relief.

We’re here for you. Here are our top picks for the best hangover cure food. Head down to your local convenience store and stock up on the ingredients for the best hangover remedies.

*You may not have done this time, but for future reference, please drink responsibly. Click here for the facts.*

How To Cure A Hangover

The best hangover food: a quick guide

It’s probably the last thing you want to do, but to understand how to cure a hangover, you need to consider the science behind why you feel like you do. The toxic chemicals in alcohol cause your body’s natural chemistry to change – this can affect your hormone levels (remember getting particularly emotional during last night?) and cause nutrient imbalance. As a diuretic, alcohol also dehydrates the body and it is this combination of a lack of hydration and nutrients that is at the heart of your pounding head and lethargy.

The best hangover foods are those that are rich in fructose, vitamins, minerals and amino acids - when replenished, they will fight back against the negative reaction your body is having to their reduction. So, with this in mind, what should you be reaching for?

The Best Hangover Food

The best cure for hangovers: Eat some of these…

1. Shell out on some eggs

If you’re looking for hangover relief, you’ll love your cooked eggs in the morning! The reason why eggs are regarded the best hangover cure food? It’s mainly down to the fact that they contain many body friendly amino acids like cysteine and taurine. You may have heard about the harmful effects of alcohol on your liver, and these acids have the opposite effect – they boost liver function. Your liver is busy breaking down the ethanol and other chemicals in alcohol, so eggs will help to flush the body of all those pain-inducing chemicals left behind. Serve scrambled or boiled – avoid frying and choose methods that make sure the yolk is cooked.

Hangover Food Ideas

2. Choose a bowl of chicken soup

Chicken soup is famous for its healing powers. There’s every chance that when you were growing up, you were comforted with a bowl of poultry goodness. And it’s one of the best hangover foods too. Chicken soup can restock sodium and water levels in the body (remember, you are de-hydrated!) and, as the provider of those good eggs stated above, chicken also contains cysteine to boost your liver – perfect for that hangover relief.

Best Cure For Hangover

3. Feel whole again with whole-wheat toast with honey

To bring you around from your lethargic state, you need to boost your blood sugar levels. This doesn’t mean loading up on sweets – a sudden surge can cause stomach upset to rival the one you have now! Whole-wheat toast provides bland carbs which will raise blood sugar in a more measured way. To give it an extra boost, drizzle with some honey – full of fructose and other natural sugars. If you’re looking for simple hangover food ideas, this is as simple as it gets!

Hangover Home Remedies

4. Porridge is an oat-standing pick-me-up

Its consistency isn’t always appealing when you feel queasy, but porridge oats are a superfood packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B, calcium, iron and magnesium. Plus, the oats will help to neutralise acids and raise your blood sugar levels. Make yourself a warm bowl of hangover relief.

Need some more hangover food ideas? You’ll find something that takes your fancy with our 6 simple breakfast ideas.


Hangover relief

How to cure a hangover: The best drinks

 Drinking got you in this mess, and it can help get you out!

Eating hangover cure food isn’t the only solution – replenish those much-needed nutrients by drinking the right things too. Here are some of the best drinks for a hangover:

  • Water – this should be your top priority. Re-hydrating is the first step to feeling better.
  • Energy drinks – sugary energy drinks will restore electrolytes and boost your blood sugar levels – don’t go overboard though, just one can is enough.
  • Apple or cranberry juice – packed full of fructose, water and vitamins.
Best Food For Hangover And Food to Avoid

Want hangover relief? Avoid these food and drink options:

When you’re feeling rough after one too many drinks, you’re left feeling desperate for  hangover cure food. But is orange juice good for a hangover? Is hair of the dog the best cure? Is greasy food the best food for hangovers? Keep reading to find out.

Greasy food: A full English or a burger is a good idea AHEAD of your evening of drinking, as greasy and fatty foods line the stomach and slow down the absorption of alcohol. If you eat greasy items as a hangover cure food, you’re just going to irritate the sensitive stomach even more.

Hair of the dog: Taking on more alcohol will take the edge off in the first instance, but a little more of what did you harm in the first place won’t cure you, and later in the day, you will just be even more de-hydrated than you are now.

Orange juice: While apple and cranberry juice are recommended above, try to avoid orange juice. Sour citrus fruits can cause more stomach irritation.


For the best food for hangovers, head to SPAR

Now you know the best food for  hangovers, go and get yourself some fresh air with a walk to your local convenience store. Luckily many of our stores have extended hours over the bank holiday and there you’ll find a quality selection of good hangover food and drinks, as well as a convenient selection of Paracetamol to take the edge off.

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